5 Habits That Can Damage Your Commercial Fridge

Your commercial refrigerator is a vital part of your business or establishment. If your commercial fridge is not working as it should be, various problems can arise, such as issues with food spoilage or high energy costs. Did you know that some habits could actually be the cause behind certain types of damage to your commercial fridge?

Before you go looking for a commercial fridge for sale, make sure you are aware of what bad habits can end up damaging your new commercial refrigerator. Steering clear of these five habits can save you from needing to call upon commercial fridge repair services too often.

Let’s see some of the habits that damage your commercial fridge…

5 Habits That Can Damage Your Commercial Fridge

1. Overstocking your refrigerator

The purpose of a commercial refrigerator is to store your perishables and food. However, overstocking your commercial fridge can stop it from carrying out the role that is meant to play in the first place. Overloaded shelves can make it difficult for the refrigerator to regulate temperature and maintain a cool environment, which can even lead to your fridge overheating.

A good rule of thumb is to keep your refrigerator about three-quarters full. This will allow cold air to circulate the fridge unhindered and avoid pockets of air from forming. Next time you feel your commercial fridge isn’t performing as it should be, check to see if you have overstocked your refrigerator.

5 Habits That Can Damage Your Commercial Fridge

2. Storing food incorrectly 

Kitchens are busy places, especially in bustling commercial restaurants or food and beverage outlets. However, you should train your staff to be aware of the negative effects of storing food incorrectly in your commercial refrigerator. Bad storage habits can play a part in inadvertently damaging your commercial fridge.

For example, do not put warm food into the fridge – you run the risk of bacterial contamination due to the change in temperature around it. This will also force your fridge to work harder to keep the internal temperature cool and balanced. Instead, let any hot foods cool outside of the fridge before putting them in.

3. Neglecting to clean the inside of your fridge

A surefire way to damage your commercial fridge is by forgetting to have it cleaned. Liquid spills, food splatters, or chunks of raw material here and there will certainly accumulate if you do not carry out routine cleaning. Not only can this affect the cooling capabilities of your refrigerator, but it can also pose a health and safety risk due to the growth of mold and bacteria.

Assign a staff member to clean the inside and outside of your commercial refrigerator at least once every two weeks. While this may sound quite labor-intensive, bear in mind that the more frequently you clean your commercial fridge, the easier the task will be.

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4. Forgetting about the condenser coils 

Even if you are highly diligent about cleaning the inside of your commercial fridge, this will not be good enough if you neglect to clean the condenser coils as well. Condenser coils are responsible for removing the heat from your commercial refrigerator. When coated in dirt and dust, the coils are unable to carry out their function properly, thus putting unnecessary stress on the other working components of your fridge.

Save yourself the need for costly refrigerator repairs by making sure your condenser coils are cleaned. You can do this by gently brushing dust or debris from the coils, taking care not to damage the coils while you do so. Clean your condenser coils at least twice a year to ensure proper maintenance.

5. Not checking the door seals

Refrigerator door seals are a vital but often forgotten part of your fridge. The seals help keep cold air from escaping the refrigerator and warm air from coming in. If your door seals are broken, cracked, or just not working as well as before, they will be unable to properly seal in cool air and cause your refrigerator to work much harder than necessary.

Therefore, regularly check your commercial refrigerator door seals to see if they are in working condition. Besides relying on your judgment to decide whether the suction feels strong enough, you can also test your seals by shutting a dollar bill between the door and the fridge. If you are able to pull the dollar bill out with little resistance, then it’s time to get the seals replaced.

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In summary, these are the common habits that could be damaging your commercial refrigerator. Now that you are aware of them, you can take the necessary steps to properly maintain your commercial fridge and keep it in top condition for the long run. Hope this article was helpful and stay with our blog for more information!

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