5 Areas of Concern for Putting Greens on a Golf Course

Any golf course equipment poses many challenges for the manager. It’s no surprise considering the complications in operating a golf course facility. Starting from putting greens to marketing your facility to potential members requires the utmost attention. And on top of that, you need expertise in your respective field to be able to excel.

We are here to recommend some solutions to putting greens on a golf course. It’s probably the most technical part of handling the maintenance tasks. With basic knowledge, you can easily sustain these greens while not compromising on the current quality of golf.

5 Areas of Concern for Putting Greens on a Golf Course

The importance of maintaining putting greens on a golf course

As mentioned above, putting greens are mainly responsible for the surface of the golf course. If appropriately maintained, you can make the grass more elegant to enhance the current quality of golf. Not only that, it can sustain the soil and green for longer with the same condition. So, it’s not just about using the best golf course mowers but about taking care of their design from the beginning.

Let’s get started with the area of concern for putting Greens on the Golf course…

5 Areas of Concern for Putting Greens on a Golf Course

1. Shaping the Space

The shaping of your Golf course facility has to be done in the very beginning. Any variation in the planned and executed construction processes can make a massive difference in the end. When the architect outlines the shape and control of the golf course, it’s time to begin the construction process with utmost care.

2. The Drainage System

Drainage for the subsurface has the primary function of removing excess water from putting greens. As of shaping process takes place, the drainage system should be installed in the beginning. The main drainage pipes should be placed along with it to maximize the fall. The lateral drain pipes can be extended with a radius of 15 feet. Following the conventional drainage system also needs you to maintain a continuous slope of 0.5 %.

3. The Irrigation System

Most golf courses have this problem of establishing an irrigation system. However, new golf courses compromise on their installation and adjustment. Only after the irrigation system is fully functional, that the putting grass can be established. Areas of concern during the installation of an irrigation system can be light fertilization, disease control, young turfgrass, etc. Nailing these areas can prove to be very beneficial for the sustainability of the golf course.

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4. The Gravel Layer

Every putting green must have a gravel layer that allows the mobility of excess water into the drainage pipes. It’s mainly to remove the water from the root zone mix. The minimum depth of installing the gravel is 2-4 inches. However, it may vary for different Golf course facilities. Make sure that the gravel layer is appropriately sized depending on the root zone mix.

5. The Intermediate Layer

Putting greens can also include an intermediate layer that differentiates the root zone mix and gravel layer. The situation of this mixing can be easily avoided by properly sizing the intermediate layer. However, it’s not really easy to determine the size of gravel size so you can use laboratory testing.

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So, if you consider all these points right from the beginning, your golf course will presumably sustain for longer. Also, it’s not only in the beginning stages but also in the later stages where you have to use the best golf course turf maintenance equipment to get the most out of your facility. Hope this article will give some better ideas to consider some areas for putting greens on the golf. Stay with our blog for more informative articles.

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