4 Must-Have Boat T-Top Features

Adding a boat T-Top is an excellent investment for all craft owners. It provides you with the right sun coverage at a safe height that won’t hinder your activities and is unmatched in strength. A boat without the proper protection from the sun can quickly create an uncomfortable cruise for you and your passengers.

Apart from the obvious shading that you get with a T-Top, you also get an instant upgrade on your boat’s style. A straightforward cruiser or fishing boat can become a stylish watercraft with the right custom aftermarket T-Top. Before you buy, it’s essential to understand the type of quality that will best serve you and the most important features to consider.

4 Must-Have Boat T-Top Features


When you compare a standard folding bimini, the convenience, maneuverability, and stability will always be outstanding with a hard-mounted T-Top. From providing mounting opportunities for boating accessories to choosing T-Tops that have adjustable widths, these super-strong onboard shelters can make your boating season a real pleasure. In case of any resale situation occurs it will be sold out for the best value. Let’s look at a few of the must-have T-Top features.

4 Must-Have Boat T-Top Features

1. Premium Construction

When it comes to T-Tops, you want to get an assembly constructed out of premium materials. Being out on the water can put your T-Top through a lot of abuse, so it is essential to have a set-up that can take abuse and stand up to the elements. Standard aftermarket T-Tops are available in 6063 Aluminum and Stainless Steel, but the highest quality and most lightweight material for construction are the 6061-T6 Aluminium.

T-Tops constructed from aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum can withstand a lot of abuse and last for years without corrosion or structural weakening. A coating of anodized aluminum is recommended if you spend time on saltwater bodies of water. It gives you a stylish matte finish that is easy to maintain.

2. Adjustable Width

Every boat design is different, so you will benefit from getting an aftermarket T-Top with adjustable width. Standard sizes may fit, but with railings and various deck shapes, you don’t want to end up finding out your T-Top won’t fit correctly after it’s out of the box. Make sure to order an adjustable T-Top that will allow you to get the perfect fit without giving up any stability or strength.

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3. Rocket Launchers

For those that love to get out on the water to do some fishing, having the right accessories are essential. The rods themselves can take up a lot of deck space and cause trip hazards on board that could send someone overboard due to carelessness. Rocket Launcher style fishing holders can be easily mounted to your T-Top, giving you extra storage space and convenient holding platforms for your fishing rods.

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4. Electronics Box

Electronic boxes constructed from durable composite materials can add many benefits to your T-Top. Adding extra storage space and a convenient place for mounting your CB, radio, and satellite components can give your boat’s electronics a clean and stylish look. Stow away your phone or other small devices that you want to keep safe and dry in your T-Top electronics box.

Whether you are out on the water in sunny or rainy weather, a T-Top added to your craft can give you unparalleled protection and style, allowing you to enjoy your time on the water. Check out these essential features and accessories when you are shopping for your T-Top. Such a great investment and it brings an excellent performance when compared to others. Hope this article will get ideas about Boat T-Top features. Stay with our blog for more informative articles.

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