package leak detectors

The modern world is full of all kinds of packaging, many of them designed to be airtight. This design is necessary to keep products fresh and free from contamination. Package leak detectors are an essential quality control tool for any business that ships products in containers. By testing the seals on packages, these devices can help ensure your products arrive at their destination intact and free of contaminants.

package leak detectors

Ways to Use Package Leak Detectors

More and more companies are turning to package leak detectors to help them find and fix leaks in their packaging. Package leak detectors are a very effective way to monitor the condition of your packages and can help you extend the shelf life of your products. Here are some ways you can utilize leak detectors to your advantage:

To Test Shipping Containers

Air leaks in shipping containers can cause products to spoil or damage during transit. In major transportation hubs, package leak detectors find frequent use to test the integrity of shipping containers before loading them with the merchandise. Using package leak detectors, you can test your shipping containers before sending them out to ensure they are airtight, helping you avoid costly delays and damage to your products.

To Detect Spoilage in Food Packaging

Food spoilage is a significant problem for the food industry. If food packaging is not airtight, it can allow oxygen and other gases to enter, which can cause spoilage. As food spoils, it emits gasses. The sound alarm on package leak detectors can alert you to the presence of these gasses, so you can take action to prevent spoilage. You can test canned goods before opening them to ensure they are still safe to eat. These devices can help ensure that the food you produce is fresh and free of spoilage.

To Monitor Gases

Some gases, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide, can react with the contents of a package and cause spoilage. Monitoring the concentration of these gases inside a container is especially important to prevent spoilage. These gases can also inflate packages, such as airbags. Leak detectors can show if the concentration of these gases is too high or too low, indicating a leak or an incomplete seal.

To Inspect Packages for Tampering

While package leak detectors cannot directly detect tampering, they can help check for signs of it. If a package has been tampered with, chances are you will find a broken seal with a leak. Improper sealing or package damage can be evident when someone unsuccessfully tries to reseal the package. These signs of tampering can mean there’s a need to investigate further, and a package leak detector can help here.

To Minimize Waste

In many industries, product waste can be a big problem. When products end up damaged or spoiled, it results in lost revenue and increased costs. The million tons of food wasted each year is a perfect example. Companies can use package leak detectors to test products before shipping to ensure damage or spoilage won’t affect them during transit. It will help reduce product waste and save the company money in the long run.

To Maintain Product Purity and Increase Shelf Life

Product purity is one of the most crucial aspects when choosing packaging materials. Product shelf life can receive a major boost by using materials that do not allow gas or moisture to pass through. Package leak detectors can test the purity of packaging material before it leaves the production line. This strategy will help ensure that the product is safe and has a longer shelf life.

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Most businesses use package leak detectors in one way or another. The full extent of their usage is usually in the shipping and receiving departments to ensure that nothing arrives damaged. Companies like Seal-Check offer comprehensive and accurate package leak detector services for many applications. They provide solutions for product leaks that you can use throughout the entire product lifecycle, from manufacturing to packaging to distribution. Contact them to learn more about their expertise!

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