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Birthdays are very special occasion and are also a reason you get a chance to cut delicious cakes. Cutting cakes on one’s birthday is an age old tradition and it is being followed till today. People are so much excited for their birthday cakes on their birthday and the most excited are kids. By reading up on baking tips absolutely anyone can bake a great cake.

cake ideas

Some kids wait for their birthday just to cut a fancy cake on their special day. Cakes can bring so much joy to your little one, so always go an extra mile while deciding for your kid’s birthday cake. With very little efforts to choose the cake for your child you can make him so much happy and also make this day very memorable to them. Thus we are here with some best theme based cake ideas for your kid’s birthday party.

Cake Ideas for kid’s Birthday Party

  1. Sports and Jungle Safari Theme

This theme cake is very popular for the boys so you can create a cake that depicts their favorite sports. You can get a birthday cakes like sports jersey cake, basketball or football cakes, race car cakes, cakes that depicts sports theme. Similarly if you have a jungle themed birthday party you can get cakes that are influenced with zoos and animals.

You can also get an animal figurine cake that in 3D which would be a great surprise to the little one. There are birthday cakes online that depicts cute cartoon style monkeys, elephants, giraffe and other such animals. Buy birthday gifts online to treat your dear ones on their birthday with most amazing and lovely birthday gifts.

  1. Animal Print Cake

If you do not want animal figures cake you can have animal print cake. These cakes are simply decorated with fondant that resembles the skin texture of various animals. For example you can have zebra print cake, tiger print cake, giraffe print cake, leopard print cakes and cakes with beautiful animal skin print.

The little kids will surely love the cake with animal print and this way they can also learn about different animals. Thus these cakes are very popular nowadays because of its uniqueness in designs. Make birthday cake delivery to your near and dear ones to convey your special wishes on different festivals and functions.

  1. Monument Themed Cake

If your kid is not very little and is curious to know wonders of the world you can get him an Eiffel Tower, Great Wall of China cake and other monument’s cake. Monument themed cakes are very creative and also very unique you will hardly get to see these types of cakes in anyone’s birthday bash.

So you can ask your kid choose his favorite monument and get the expert bakers create a masterpiece for your little one’s birthday bash this year. You can find latest cake designs for birthday and baking tips online from our online cake store and surprise your friends and relatives with delicious and designer cakes.

  1. Candy and Little Cupcakes Cake

This is one of the cutest cakes that would be kid’s most favorite because it contains both their favorite things candies and cupcakes. This cake is wholly made out of decorative candies and cute and adorable little cupcakes that make the cake look more pretty and presentable.

The cake is very colorful and it will win the little one’s heart in its first look only. Thus this cake is a perfect choice for your kiddo if he is a candy and cupcake lover. Make sure the cake includes your little one’s every favorite candy. Send cakes online to your loved ones on their special day and convey birthday wishes to them through delicious cakes.

  1. Movie and Comic Theme based Birthday Cakes

Kids admire so many movie characters and superheroes. So you can get them a birthday cake inspired from characters of movies and comics. These cakes are usually multicolored and depicts superman, batman, Spider man, Captain America and other such super heroes. There are many movie themes cakes too that includes Star wars cakes, Harry Potter Cakes, Star Trek cakes and other famous movies inspired cakes.

Hollywood style cakes are also very popular these days like film reel cakes, popcorn cakes and award show cakes which will be totally loved your kiddo. You can search online for themed cakes near me to find amazing theme cakes for various occasions and festivals to make it memorable.

These are some amazing and top 5 theme based cake ideas for your little one’s birthday party.

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  1. Birthday is a special occasion for everyone. birthday celebrations are incomplete without cake. my daughter’s birthday is coming closer. I will try to buy this type of theme cake & make my daughter’s birthday more memorable & special. thanks for sharing


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