Without a doubt, taking the MCAT is one of the most important things you’re going to do in your academic career. The MCAT is going to be a major factor in determining what medical school you go to, so it is vital that you start things right with the best MCAT prep possible. However, before you can even begin you MCAT prep you’re first going to have to make a very important decision: when to sit for the Medical College Admission Test. Below we’ve compiled a few tips to help you decide what the right time is for you, so you can put your best foot forward.


Timing Your Test With Your Application

Most experts recommend at least three to five months of MCAT prep before a student attempts their exam. Of course, most students find it more helpful to take six months to a year to focus on their studies. Keeping in mind that the admissions application cycle begins in June, you will need to make sure that your official MCAT score will be released before your final deadline. This means that you’ll have to decide how much time you’re going to give yourself to study and when you’ll be applying to schools, before you can schedule your exam.

Factors To Consider

When deciding the right time to schedule your exam, it is important to sit down and plan out your time between now and your application submissions. The next three to six months are going to be a very busy time for you, so you need to make sure that you consider all factors leading up to your exam. For example:

#1 – Testing Center Locations

Testing centers usually fill up very quickly, especially in areas such as cities or in college towns where there are a lot of potential applicants. Remember to register for your MCAT test date as soon as you know it to ensure you get a spot at an exam location near you. This will also help ensure that you are motivated to study by giving you a deadline.

#2 – Time Of Year

There is no “right” time to take the MCAT. What’s important is finding the best time for your schedule and plans. You have a couple of different options to choose from (Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall), but it will mainly depend on when you feel you will be ready.

#3 – Weekday vs Weekend

This is most important to students considering taking the exam during the academic school year, as well as full-time workers. You don’t want to have to miss class or work if you don’t need to, so it may be better for you to register for a weekend date. However, weekend dates do fill up faster, so make sure you register early.

#4 – Personal Life

It can be difficult to try to plan six months or a year in advance, especially when it feels like your entire life is revolving around MCAT prep. Be careful though, as the MCAT shouldn’t absorb all of your attention. Remember that things like finals, graduation, weddings, and birthdays can (and most likely will) crop up at some point between now and your exam. Try to pick a day when you can give all of your focus to the MCAT.

These are the four factors to consider while your MCAT preparation. Hope this article helps. Share your thoughts on comment section.

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