Class 10th Math: Simple Tips and Tricks to score well in Examination

As you are promoted to higher classes, the number of books and the knowledge you have to consume increases vastly. Math is one of those subjects that make your report card look good.  It is one of the entertaining and scoring subjects. Students have scored 100% marks in Mathematics. This simple fact tells you that you too can score your desired marks. Math can turn out to be a nightmare for you if your basics are not clear.

Class 10th is considered one of the important classes because you appear for the board exams for the first time in your life. As a result, students face a huge amount of stress, anxiety and pressure. Scoring high marks in exams is also important because you will be faced with the decision of choosing the stream for Senior Secondary and your higher education. This decision has a huge impact on the career that you will be pursuing later in your life. Such a huge significance makes it imperative for you to start preparing for your exam well in advance.

Math is a subject that helps you develop various skills. Some of these are:

  1. Logical Reasoning
  2. Creative Thinking
  3. Decision Making
  4. Problem-solving
  5. Mental Discipline

To score well in your Math exam, you have to have your basics clear. Having a strong foundation facilitates your preparation. There is no studying math; you have to practice it daily to make sure that it stays with you. You can become a topper in math. It just requires hard work on your part.

A question that often comes to one’s mind is: How can I score high marks in Math? Penned down below are certain tips for you to score high marks.

The role of attending classes

You have to be regular with your classes. Stay attentive. Your teachers have years of experience in teaching. They can explain complex topics easily. Do not mindlessly jot down notes. Listen, understand and then write. If you have a doubt, do not hesitate to ask. Teachers provide guidance and give direction to your preparation.


Whatever is taught to you is already given in your books. You should go through your textbook to revise the concept that was taught in the class. Doing so will solidify your understanding of the concept. Mark important formulas or diagrams. If you cannot understand something, ask your teacher the next day. The textbooks contain all the concepts from which the questions will be asked and hence you must be thorough with the textbooks.

Previous year papers

Download previous year question papers. You will get an idea regarding which topics or which concepts are more important and which will help you fetch more marks. Understand the pattern of the exam.


The only way that can ensure that you get high marks is to practice. Practice your formulas, diagrams, equations and theorems daily. When you are regular with your studies, you do not have to cram the information. When you understand a concept, practice the questions given in your textbooks. To see if you have answered a question correctly, you can search for Class 10 Math NCERT book pdf solutions.  You can practice the questions given in the reference books and the previous year papers. Practice several sample papers. Make a list of areas in which you are lacking. Spend more time and energy on them.

Create timetable

Making a timetable ensures that your preparation stays on track. Divide your schedule into study sessions of 30 minutes. After every session, take a break to re-energize your brain. You can talk to your parents or listen to songs during the break. You just have to make sure that you stay away from any kind of distraction while you study.


Make a separate notebook for theories and formulas. Go through them daily. You only need to have a basic understanding of them and then skim through them at least once daily.

Do not neglect

Give sufficient time to figures and graphs. They are not very time-consuming and help you score extra marks. Use them in your answers. Students often undermine their importance and neglect them. Do not make this mistake.


Take several tests. This will help you find areas that you are good at and the areas that need improvement. You must not miss any test even if you are not prepared for it. This will help answer questions that you might feel are out of the syllabus. Also, the language of the tests is similar to that of the exam. Taking significant tests will make you ready for the final battle. You will also get familiar with completing the exam within a defined time limit. Try to find the silly mistakes you make so that they can be avoided in the exam. Work on them.

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Spare sufficient time for revision in your daily study schedule. While revising, give equal importance to your textbooks, your notes, formulas and the theorems. Also, spend some time going through the answers and solutions that you have practiced writing.

During the exam

It is natural to feel nervous in the exam hall. Do not let it affect you. Stay calm while you write your exam. Write neatly. The way you present your answer on the answer sheet is important. Write your answers in steps. Draw diagrams and graphs and mark them correctly. Start with answering easy questions first. Then you can devote more time to the questions that you think are hard.  Stay calm and focused.

Do not compromise with your sleep. Eat healthy food to provide your brain with all the required nutrients.  You should exercise regularly.  Put your heart and soul in your preparation and have faith in it. Scoring high marks might look like a daunting task but do not worry. Follow these simple tips and you will do great. Good Luck!

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