Building and maintaining a more environmentally conscious home is not just something that may remain optional in the Net Zero future, but even today, the ideal homes of the future are here, and you too could be living in one already. So, stay with us as we discuss what exactly can be called a home of the future and the role of Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems in such a household.

What We Mean by Homes of the Future

It is believed that in the very near future, our homes will be less damaging for the ecosystem around them in both construction and usage. In that sense, many homes of the future exist right now as well since green homes in the UK are not entirely that rare. Besides, any effort made by a homeowner to improve their property’s energy efficiency and environmental impact also does count as a move towards making that shift towards a better, greener, and cleaner future.

The MVHR: What It Does in General

According to Neeeco’s Mass Save program, An MVHR system is quite self-explanatory if you take into consideration what the capital letters stand for – mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. Just as the name suggests, it is a mechanical system that is installed in houses, office buildings, and apartment buildings to provide ventilation, while retaining most of the heat inside. It silently provides a constant flow of fresh, healthy air, by simultaneously performing the following tasks.

  • The MVHR system ejects damp, stale air from insulated buildings
  • At the same time, the system also pushes fresh air from the outside into the buildings
  • During the simultaneous ejection of indoor air and injection of fresh, outdoor air, the MVHR also transfers a high percentage of the heat from the former to the latter
  • Since the cold outdoor air becomes almost as warm by the time it gets inside, the boiler doesn’t have to reheat the fresh air again
  • This exchange of heat reduces heating expenses, chances of contracting airborne infections and bad odours
  • It also makes your boiler last longer, as it doesn’t need to work as hard anymore

Why an Energy Efficient MVHR System is So Crucial to Homes of the Future?

As should be quite clear by now, mechanical ventilation with a heat recovery system is designed to save energy, which is exactly what makes the MVHR such a crucial part of any home aiming to reduce their carbon footprint and save money in the process. Down the line, it is expected that having an MVHR system in any home that can benefit from it may not remain optional in most cases.

In spite of the MVHR systems being optional today, homeowners who are aware of the system’s many advantages for improving financial, health, and environmental conditions, have already installed them. In fact, contractors in the UK will often erect apartment buildings with MVHR systems built into it, as part of the local construction directive. Visit to know more about how your own property can become a home of the future with the right MVHR system and proper insulation to support it.

In due time, as more and more properties begin to go green in the UK, MVHR systems will both be a contributing factor, as well as a being a result of the whole Home of the Future ideology.

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