If you’ve got an e-cigarette, the next step is to buy the right liquid for it, the e-liquid. This is what makes the vape taste a certain way, and makes that the smell coming out of the e-cigarette fruity, tobacco-like, or whatever flavor you’ve put in. Which liquid to choose is all up to you of course, but we’re happy to give you some more information to help you out. Read this blog and find out all about it!

Lots of flavors

So many people, so many preferences. Everyone has a different taste, so everyone will have another favorite e-liquid. Luckily there’s a lot to choose from. There are several fruit flavors, from banana to apple and from watermelon to strawberry. For tobacco lovers there’s also loads of liquids with tobacco-like flavors, such as shag, American blend or cigars. The possibilities are endless, from candy to cookies, to coffee.

PG/VG ratio

The abbreviations PG and VG might not ring a bell, but they are important when you are picking an e-liquid. These ingredients make out how you experience the vaping. If the PG/VG ratio is more PG then the taste and the throat hit are heavier. With more VG you’ll have a softer feeling in your throat and more vape while exhaling. PG stands for Propylene Glycol, VG for vegetable glycerin. Not every ratio is suited for every kind of e-cigarette. You can check by looking at the ratio and the ohm of your e-liquid and e-cigarette to find out.


In addition to PG and VG there can also be nicotine in your e-liquid. You can choose whether there is nicotine inside and how much is in it. Check the percentage when you buy the e-liquid. With this you can also smooth into quitting smoking, by lowering the amount every time.

Ordering e-liquids online

E-liquids can be ordered online, on websites such as Mr Joy. They have a big assortment of e-liquids and e-smokers. Get to their website to find out more and ask for advice. They also have all the other necessities for e-cigarettes to order.


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