According to the latest statistics, approximately 20% of people above 18 experience occasional shoulder pain. This joint problem can be a result of referred pain, arthritis, and a sedentary lifestyle. Even things like poor posture and unhealthy eating habits can lead to this common problem.

In case of injury, it’s recommended to make an appointment with a physiotherapist or surgeon as soon as possible. If it’s difficult to determine what caused the pain in the first place, try some home remedies. Here is what you need to know about treating sudden shoulder pain:

Take a break

A lot of people experience shoulder pain after an intense workout in the gym. If it’s your case, make sure to rest. Meanwhile, you can work on other sets of muscles.

Apply a compress

If your injury is not serious, consider applying warm or cold compress in order to reduce swelling. To do so, you can use a bottle with hot or cold water. When applying a compress, make sure to wrap it in a towel so that you will not hurt your skin.

See a doctor

If your injury restricts your movement, see a doctor. After getting a prescription from your doctor, you can find the right medical supplies online. Keep in mind that you can buy muscle relaxants such as tizanidine only with a prescription.

If you want to know more about common shoulder injuries, check out the infographic.


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