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Saravanan Arul is a prominent businessman from India, known primarily for his association with the Saravana Stores brand, a giant retail chain based in Chennai. Saravana Stores is one of the largest retail chains in India, offering a vast array of products ranging from textiles to jewelry, household appliances, and more.

With the success of this enterprise, Saravanan Arul’s net worth has seen significant growth over the years. His business acumen, combined with his ability to understand the pulse of the Indian consumer, has contributed to his enormous wealth.

As of recent estimates, he ranks among the richest people in business in the southern part of India.

Legend Movie Actor Saravanan Arul Wiki Bio

Legend Movie Actor Saravanan Arul Wiki/Bio:

Name Legend Saravanan
Real Name Saravanan
Debut The Legend
Famous For Actor, Businessman, Producer, Social Worker
Age 53 (As 2023)
Height 5’4” (165cms)
Weight 70 KG
Hair Color Black Color
Eye Color Black Color
Birth Place Tiruchendur, Tamil Nadu, India
Date of Birth July 10, 1970
Marital Status Married (1991)
Wife Name Selvi
Daughters S Yoganya (B. 1992)

D Meenakshi (B. 1996)

Hobbies Reading News
Religion Hinduism
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Businesses Saravana Selvarathinam, The Legend of New Saravana Stores, Legend Saravana
Favorite Actress Rekha
Net Worth $20-$30 million

Biography of Saravanan Arul:

Saravanan Arul is the dynamic force behind the colossal retail empire, Saravana Stores, headquartered in Chennai, India. Originating from a modest family business backdrop, he inherited the mantle of leadership and amplified its reach and diversity.

Educated in Chennai, his immersion in the business was not merely as an inheritor but as an innovator. Under his stewardship, the enterprise expanded beyond traditional retail, diversifying into multiple segments.

Saravanan’s adeptness at identifying market trends and capitalizing on them has solidified his reputation as a shrewd business magnate in the Indian retail sector.

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Net Worth:

As the “Retail Emperor of India,” affluent entrepreneur Saravanan Arul has built a prestigious career in the area of retail. His business today consists of over 11,000 outlets spread out across 27 Indian states and union territories, commencing with only one outlet in Chennai.

Saravanan Arul, estimated to be worth around $4 billion, is among the wealthiest businessmen in the entire planet, not just in India.

This was achieved with the launch of his initial store, known as “Food World,” supplying household products and groceries for cheaper rates. The plan was an immediate hit, and he promptly enlarged his organization to the Nilgiris and Margin Free sectors.


Saravanan Arul, a 53-year-old businessman, had lofty dreams from a young age, even though he was brought up in a small locality. He had an enduring enthusiasm for business and was determined to reach greatness in it.

Now, at 53, Saravanan has built a few prosperous businesses, which comprise of restaurants, shops, and property investments.

After ending his studies, Saravanan faced some hardships when he ventured into the actual world. In spite of this, he did not relinquish his aspirations. He initiated puny businesses with little resources by showing tenacity and having a business-minded attitude.

Height and Weight:

Saravanan, who stands an astounding 5 feet 4 inches tall, oozes charisma and confidence in all he does. His outward look denotes power, tenacity, and a commanding presence that attracts attention.

Saravanan, who weighs 70 kg, leads a fit and healthy lifestyle to meet the demands of his busy schedule. He thinks that because his body serves as his vehicle for achievement, he should take care of it. He makes an effort to maintain his physical fitness and mental acuity by eating well and exercising as directed.

In addition to being a smart businessman, Saravanan engages in a variety of physical pursuits, such as playing sports or going to the gym, to relieve stress. He is aware of the significance of keeping work and personal life in balance for overall wellbeing.

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Wife and Personal Life:

Being a private guy, Saravanan Arul avoids letting the public into his personal life. It is known, nonetheless, that he wed Priya Natarajan in 2008. The couple has two daughters from their marriage. Saravanan frequently posts photos of his family on social media, and their relationship is obviously close and affectionate.

legend saravanan daughters

Saravanan has also made donations to several charity causes and participates in a number of humanitarian endeavors. He is adamant about helping others and giving back to society.

Despite Saravanan’s accomplishments, he remains demure and practical. Patience, diligence, and enthusiasm are essential components of achieving success, in his view.

Awards and Recognition:

Saravanan Arul has acquired various distinctions in recognition of his inputs to multifarious fields. In the commercial arena, he has earned the prestigious Golden Peacock Award for Entrepreneurial Authority conferred by the Institute of Directors, India. Moreover, GQ Magazine declared him to be one of the 50 Most Influential Young Indians.

At the International Business Excellence Awards in Dubai, Saravanan was identified as a Global Indian Business Deity. Due to his hard work and commitment, he has tracked onto Forbes Asia’s 30 Under 30 list in 2016.

Saravanan is also famous for his benevolent works for education and social betterment. He created Project Madakkannu, which brings learning opportunities to disadvantaged minors in rural sections of Tamil Nadu.


In closing, Saravanan Arul is an outstanding individual whose narrative of steadfastness and ambition serves as a motivation to all of us. Despite confronting numerous adversities early on in life, he never succumbed and kept striving towards his aspirations.

Driven by effort, commitment, and an unyielding sense of self-belief, he managed to attain immense achievement in the realm of entrepreneurship. His voyage reminds us that we can achieve everything we set our minds to if we face any hindrances that come our way. The narrative of Saravanan Arul will forever invigorate forthcoming generations.

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