What to Do After a Car Accident: Road Safety Guide

When someone is interested in selling a car, one of the first things they’ll usually do is check the Kelley Blue Book value of it. By entering the make and model of your car along with the year it was made and the mileage on it, you can get the KBB value in a matter of a few minutes.

By doing this, you can find out approximately how much your car is worth. It’ll help you come up with a price for a private sale.

No Hard Feeling Why Scrap Car Prices Are Different Than KBB

One thing you’ll notice, though, is that scrap car prices tend to be a lot lower than KBB values. This is something you should definitely keep in mind if you’re going to sell your car to a junk car buyer as opposed to someone else.

You should also have a good understanding as far as why scrap car prices are often lower than the KBB values for cars. Here are some of the reasons why that is.

Most Scrap Cars Don’t Run

When you’re looking up the KBB value of a car, KBB usually assumes that your car is in good working condition. The assumption is that your car will, at the very least, start up and run so that it can be driven.

But this isn’t always the case with a scrap car. The majority of the scrap cars that are out there either start up and don’t stay on or don’t start up at all and won’t run.

As a result of this, scrap car prices are often different than KBB values for cars. Scrap car buyers have to operate under the assumption that there is a good chance that the cars they buy aren’t going to run.

Because of this, you should expect to get lower offers when you Google “junk car buyers near me” and find buyers near you. Junk car buyers assume a lot of risk when they buy scrap cars since they don’t always know what kind of problems they’re going to have.

This risk is a big part of the reason why scrap car prices are often on the lower side.

They Don’t Look Very Nice, Either

Outside of the fact that most scrap cars don’t run, they also don’t always look very nice on both the inside or outside. They’ve usually seen better days and have all kinds of wear and tear on them.

This is something that isn’t always taken into account when you try to get the KBB value for a scrap car. Your scrap car might not be that old, and it might also not have that many miles on it.

But at the same time, it can look like a piece of junk that no reasonable buyer is ever going to want to purchase. This can cause the scrap car prices associated with it to be low compared to what KBB says the car is worth.

They Aren’t Always Safe

Scrap cars are more than just eyesores. They’re also vehicles that aren’t typically fit for the road anymore.

If a junk car buyer was to try and bring a scrap car back to life, they could conceivably fix up the outside of it and get whatever is wrong under the hood working again. But it would be difficult for them to make it safe in many cases.

Thanks to this, the scrap car prices you’re going to receive are going to be lower than what the KBB says they should be. The KBB won’t be taking into account the fact that a car could be a ticking time bomb if someone were to try and drive it.

Instead of putting a scrap car back out on the street, a junk car buyer will strip it of any usable parts before scrapping the frame. They’ll put in the necessary work to find value in a car that’s no longer safe to drive.

They Aren’t Very Desirable

Desirability is one of the many factors that KBB uses when formulating a price for a car. They consider how much of a demand exists for a car before spewing out a value for it.

That’s all well and good if you’re talking about a normal car. But if you have a car that falls squarely into the scrap category, there is likely no demand at all for it. Even if the make and model of the car might suggest a demand, that demand goes right out the window due to the condition of the car.

A lack of demand sends scrap car prices plummeting and accounts for the difference between them and KBB values.

They Need to Be Hauled Off When They’re Sold

When junk car buyers purchase a car, they don’t just jump in it and drive it away. They have to bring a tow truck out to haul it off.

They also have to pay someone to go through the car and pull any potentially valuable parts from it. There is a lot of work that a junk car buyer must do to turn a profit on a scrap car.

This is yet another reason why scrap car prices are so different from KBB values. KBB doesn’t always recognize all the work that needs to go into a car, and so, they can’t account for it in the prices that they provide for people.

Check the Scrap Car Prices in Your Area Today

When selling a junk car, you’ll likely get a lot less for it than KBB might suggest. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get a fair price for your vehicle.

It’s important to be realistic when selling a scrap car. You’re selling something that doesn’t hold much value for the average person.

But it’s something that does hold value to a junk car buyer, and they’ll provide you with more money than you might have imagined for a car that doesn’t run and doesn’t look nice. Check the scrap car prices in your area now to see what your junk car might be worth.

Read our blog for some great tips on how to part ways with a junk car and get the most money possible for it.

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