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You might be surprised at the number of junk car dealers which operate within the city limits of Phoenix, and by and large, most of them offer similar services to clients, and they’ll also be obliged to offer cash payouts which are in the same ballpark as well. This is especially true if your vehicle is no longer operational, and it only has value for its parts, or possibly for its metal content.

junk car

The reimbursement value for those items tends to be fairly standard, so you probably won’t notice a huge difference in quotes, even if you contact several different junk car dealers. What it would basically boil down to is how comfortable you are with any given company, and the kind of service that they provide for you. Here are a number of the best junk car removal companies in the Phoenix area, and you would do well to select any one of these.

Sell Us Your Car AZ

Sell Your Car AZ, a top provider of junk car removal in Phoenix, has a simple three-step process, which just can’t be beat by any other junk car dealer in the region. First you’ll have to describe your vehicle to a service representative with the company, and then you’ll get an instant quote on the value of your car. Next, you can either drop the car off yourself if it’s operational, or it can be picked up free of charge by the company. All that’s left after that, is for you to be reimbursed for your junk vehicle, regardless of what kind of condition it’s in. This company also accepts trucks, SUVs, ATVs, and even some types of heavy equipment. Whatever you’re looking to dispose of, and which might have value for its metal content, the company will be interested in providing you a quote and disposing of it on your behalf. Call this company right away, and your junk car worries will be over.

Junk Car Medics

Some of the outstanding benefits of working with Junk Car Medics is that you can get free towing anywhere in Maricopa County, so you won’t have to pay to sell your vehicle. You will also get an instant offer from the company after you have described your vehicle’s condition, as well as the make, model, and year of the vehicle. When the car is picked up by their free towing service, you will get a same-day payment in the form of a check, so there’s no waiting at all when you’re expecting reimbursement. Junk Car Medics is trusted by hundreds of area residents, and that’s the number of vehicles which are disposed of by the company on a monthly basis. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better service than this, with many customers giving them five stars in their customer reviews.

Sell Max Cash for Cars

Sell Max will purchase your vehicle regardless of what kind of condition it’s in, and they do their best to make the whole experience as simple and hassle-free as possible. Even if your car is damaged beyond all hope of repair, it will have value to the folks at Sell Max, and you can still expect to be paid top dollar for your mangled vehicle. They provide free towing, so there’s no junk removal fee at all, and that gets you a little more cash in your pocket. Sell Max has been around since the 1990’s, and it has streamlined the process to the point where they have become very efficient in buying all cars regardless of condition, removing them free of charge, and providing you with the highest possible payout, based on your car’s actual value.

Max Cash for Junk Cars

This company accepts all types of vehicles and claims to pay top dollar for any unwanted vehicle you’re trying to get rid of. This could be a vehicle which is still operational, or it may be a rusted out piece of junk, but they will accept anything that you simply want removed from your premises and disposed of. There’s no junk car removal fee, and that keeps a little more money in your pocket, which is the whole point behind giving up your junk car in the first place. This company is committed to recycling many of the materials which come from worn-out old clunkers, and they encourage you to retire your old high-polluting vehicles, so that you can use a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly vehicle.

Auto Recycling Group

You can always expect prompt professional service from this provider, and they purchase all kinds of junk vehicles, including all makes and models, and any condition which your car happens to be in. Recognized as a five-star rated company, they provide guaranteed pricing and free towing if you happen to be within their jurisdiction. A high level of customer satisfaction is generally achieved by this company, and they have a very simple process for getting you through the junk car removal routine. All you have to do is contact them with the year, make, and model of your vehicle and they’ll give you a quote. Then they’ll schedule a removal time with you, at which time it will be picked up free of charge, and you will be given cash on the spot for your vehicle.

Cash for Cars

This company has been around for a long time, and they specialize in buying both newer, clean cars as well as broken down old clunkers. Having been around for decades now, they have great knowledge about the industry in general, and they can provide a service which minimizes stress and hassles. One area which you’ll appreciate is that they take care of all the DMV paperwork for you, so one of the biggest hassles involved in junking your vehicle is taken off the table. In many cases, this company can provide you with cash for your car within mere hours of your initial phone call. They’re also a licensed junk car removal company, so that you can be sure you’re working with the trustworthy business, and some true professionals.

Sell Your Junk Car

When you’re ready to sell your old junker vehicle, you can contact any one of the outstanding organizations listed above, however the one you should call first is Sell Us Your Car AZ, because you can expect the best customer service and the best prices from this company. While most junk car dealers in the city limits will provide you with an accurate quote, free removal of your vehicle, and cash on the spot, the company which is most reliable and most reputable is Sell Us Your Car AZ, so talk to us before anyone else.

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