Given the global pandemic of coronavirus, the world is undergoing a major crisis. The virus has made the entire world handicapped and pushed us all into our homes as a result of a global lockdown. The industries have slowed down, the flights are in-operational, and the trade is restricted.

Now, the thing is, obviously in a month or so, the lockdown will be lifted. Because logically, how long can we stay inside?

But that does not defy the fact that the virus is not leaving us any time soon. It is contagious and keeps passing on from one person to another. Let’s understand that the virus in itself is not deadly or life-threatening.

So, there’s no reason really for you to be scared of the virus. However, we know that coronavirus has taken many lives across the world. Thus, the important part is not keeping yourself protected from the virus, rather making your body strong enough to deal with the virus, even if it is contacted. So, make your health your number one priority. 

Unfortunately, because of the work from the home situation and this lockdown, we are all restricted to a limited lifestyle. This has a direct impact on our metabolism as well as our immunity, which is quintessential for you to fight back the virus. So, here, in this article, we’ll discuss with you certain ways to help you boost your immunity in a rather natural way. These immunity boosters will keep your body be strong enough to combat the virus, even if you acquire it.   

Vitamin D rich foods

One of the most essential nutrient in combating the dangerous COVID-19 virus and boosting your immunity is the Vitamin D. The Vitamin D plays a pivotal role in keeping the infections at bay by shielding your body from all forms of infections. Though one of the most essential sources of Vitamin D is the sun, we are sadly not getting enough of it by staying indoors.

So, either, you could go in your balcony, and soak yourself in the sun or you should include Vitamin D rich foods in your diet. We say so because Vitamin D is the natural immunity booster that your body needs. Some of Vitamin D rich food items include cheddar, salmon, eggs, mushroom, and fish. These foods work together to boost your immunity and bless you with a healthier metabolism.

In addition to it, you should also adopt a healthy lifestyle, quit bad habits like smoking and alcoholism, get enough sleep, and try to meditate and relieve yourself from all the stress and the anxiety.  

Consume Anti-Inflammatory foods 

There are a bunch of Anti-Inflammatory items, which help in accentuating the body’s natural resistance level to viruses, and other infections. Some of the highly anti-inflammatory foods include olive oil, turmeric, fish oil, blueberries, tomatoes, ginger, and walnuts.

In addition to this, foods that are a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids also keep you protected from the different ailments and boosts your immunity. Sonya, an associate working with TrumpLearning, says ever since the corona scare has been on, she has started adding ginger to her tea for boosting her immunity. 

Foods rich in fiber

A fiber-rich diet gives the body all the requisite nutrients that boost our immunity. These nutrients are packed with vitamins and minerals, which replenish the body with the needed supplements.

Fibrous foods also help in fighting viruses and other infections, which might attack our body or weaken the immune system. Hannah, an expert offering pay for writing papers services online, says that in this time when strengthening the immunity is of top-most importance to fight the newer flu and the viruses in the environment, it is important to ensure that our body has the strength to tackle them on its own. Thus, to make your body stronger, you’ll need to feed it with essential immunity-boosting foods such as almonds, spinach, yoghurt, green tea, citrus foods, and sunflower seeds. 

Ginseng Tea

Ginseng tea is rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants offer your body the required shield to fight against the seasonal flu, ailments, and infections. It is the very presence of the antioxidants, which makes this herbal tea a natural healthy blend and a nice home remedy to combat infections and viruses.

Since a long time, ginseng has been prominently known for its purifying and detoxifying properties. It also boosts our immunity levels and keeps the body strong. Dan, an expert , says that he has replaced his regular tea with the ginseng tea given the many health benefits that it possess. 


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