boxing day

After having a memorable Christmas, it is important to plan for Boxing Day as the two days go hand-in-hand. Enjoyment should not end on Christmas Day but must be extended to Boxing Day. Top spots to celebrate Boxing Day in El Paso You should try as much as possible to plan for Boxing Day, and you can do this by searching for the best locations to spend Boxing Day.

boxing day

At times you don’t have to spend Boxing Day and Christmas in the same place because there are a lot of beautiful places that are suitable for Boxing Day celebration. One of these places is the United States. It is certain that you will enjoy your stay in the US especially if you are planning to celebrate Boxing Day in the beautiful country.

There are a lot of places where one can choose as destinations to have fun on Boxing Day in the US. The most important thing is for one to research on best places to pick in the United States as there are lots of hidden places as well. Choosing a perfect place will require one to consider some factors that include money and weather. Money and weather are two important factors that you must not joke with when you want to visit the US or any part of the world.

Boxing day falls in winter, and winter is always cold, so it is compulsory that one get ready for the winter. To do these, you can choose places with moderate cold weather in the US. Money is needed to enjoy life in the US because almost everything that gives fun needs money. You will need money for accommodation, feeding, and bookings. El Paso is one of the top cities that one could visit to celebrate Boxing Day in the US. El Paso is a big city in Texas state that offers visitors hundred percent enjoyment and making it suitable for everyone to celebrate Boxing Day.

Below are some of the top locations to celebrate Boxing Day in the city of El Paso;

Magoffin Home State Historic Site:

This is a popular historic location in the city of El Paso that is suitable for the Boxing Day celebration. There are a lot of amazing things to see here if you are willing to explore the site. There is a beautiful knick-knack where the kids can play and enjoy the beautiful weather of El Paso. Tour guides are present making it very easy to move around the location. It is well staffed, making it easy for every visitor to have great time in the location as well.

To enjoy this site, try and visit with your family to have great time together. There are other restaurants end sightseeing locations around Magoffin’s home state historic site that make it an amazing location for Boxing Day. If you want to learn little about the history of El Paso, Texas state, and the US as a whole then you should try as much as possible to visit this location whenever you are in El Paso. Magoffin’s home state historic site is located at 1120 Magoffin Ave, El Paso, TX 79901-1544.

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Don Haskins Center:

This is another beautiful site to celebrate Boxing Day. It is a popular landmark in the city of El Paso. If you are a sports lover and you always find joy in watching basketball then Don Haskins Centre is a place for you. Apart from watching live basketball match on Boxing Day, there are other things that you could do in this location. Touring the Stadium is one of the beautiful things that you could do in this location. You don’t have to talk alone because you can ask for a tour guide to show you around. Do you know that you can be lucky to meet some of your favourite basketball players?  If this happens, feel free to take pictures with them. Don Haskins center is located at 151 Glory Road, El Paso, TX 79902.

YDSP Tigua Indian Cultural Center and Museum:

This is a perfect place to be for anyone who wants to learn about the Tiguan Indian culture. Learning about this culture on Boxing Day should not be a bad thing to do thus, if you are visiting El Paso on Boxing Day, try to visit this location. Visiting this location will also open your eyes to a lot of beautiful things about the Indians. This is a good place to take pictures especially if you are with your kids. Visiting this location with your kids will help impact excellent understand about the Indian culture that will go a long way in their academic performances. YDSP Tigua Indian Cultural Center and Museum is located at 305 Yaya Ln, El Paso, TX 79907-5641.

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