The cabinet is the most prominent feature in your kitchen and it also defines the feature of a room. Choosing the right style is vital if you want to succeed in adding beauty to your kitchen design. It is not easy to find a style that fits your desires and needs as well as aesthetic preferences.

You might need more space to store your dinner set on a tight budget. You might also want to display your cookbook without necessarily having to put open shelves. An interior designer can help you to determine the right kind of construction for your cupboard doors and show you how to best maximize storage.

Types of Cupboard Doors

You need to first determine if your kitchen will include all or some or all of the four types of cabinets; wall-mounted base, tall, and specialty units. You will also need to choose the quality grade depending on your budget. The four main types of cabinet grades that are based on construction quality are:

  • Ready to assemble: these cabinets are found at big box retailers. They can save you money since they are affordable but are less durable. The work of building and installing cabinetry is not simple and even homeowners who feel up to the task may need to hire professionals for the installation.
  • Stock cabinets: these are bought directly from the manufacturer. However, your flexibility will be limited with these since they are sold only in specific sizes and you cannot change them. But they come in a wide range of materials. These are affordable choices.
  • Semi-custom cabinets: these could be cupboard doors made with custom doors and shelves. You can specify the size you want and select from a broader selection of materials.
  • Custom cabinets: these offer unlimited options and you can specify the design, hardware, and material style.

1. Choose the Construction

Framed cabinets have rails and a frame at the front cabinet box that is attached to the door front. This ensures the finished cabinet has enhanced strength and dimension. This construction ensures more flexibility with the various door types mentioned above.

Frameless construction is also becoming increasingly popular with American homeowners as it offers a more contemporary look and better interior access. The perfect organization is needed if you want to use open shelves. Full overlay cabinets are ideal for contemporary, transitional, or modern kitchen designs because of their custom appearance. They are also for smaller kitchen footprints and have interior storage space. You can easily fit large items like pans and serving patterns.

The Inset cabinet has the door has clean lines which create an elegant look. You might want to choose this design if you have a large kitchen. They take a little space away from the interior of your cabinets because the drawers and doors are inside the frames. Although these are expensive and construction is challenging if your budget and space requirements allow you can be assured that these are worth the investment.

Both of these constructions are contemporary. However, there are a more traditional look thanks to the flush inset appearance.

2. Style Glossary

There are various different cabinet styles but if you want to narrow down your options you can start by choosing the construction and door type. Transitional cabinets are a mix of both contemporary and traditional styles.

You might want to select flat panel, slab, beaded, or raised panel door styles depending on the architectural style of your house and your personal taste.

  • Arched cathedral: the door panel which can be raised within the door frame has a shape like an arched window. This style best suits upper wall cabinets.
  • Beaded: this design can be combined with other styles to come up with a more attractive look. The stripes in the interior are created by a single or double groove.
  • Flat panel: just as the name suggests, the door has a single flat panel. This is a preferred style by homeowners for transitional kitchens.
  • Mission: these types are made of oak and stained. They have simple clean lines with a square frame molding.

3. Doors versus Drawers

If you want to maximize your storage and get easy access to your foodstuffs and dishes it is advisable to go with many base cabinet drawers. This is because drawers offer much better use of space especially when it comes to deep drawers. These are an optimal solution for storing dishes, pans, and other cookware.

You can also choose a pullout shelving system that is concealed behind the cabinet doors if you like the look of doors in your kitchen.

4. Open Shelving

This is an ideal option for you if you are an organized person who wants a storage system that is not only convenient but also easily accessible. It offers a casual style and it is good if you have a small space. It will create the illusion of a bigger room.

Additionally, open shelving can expand usable storage. This will save you space that would otherwise be consumed by the rails and stiles of framed cabinet boxes. Experts agree that exposed shelves are an economical solution if you want to upgrade your kitchen on short notice. They cost much less than full cabinetry.

Open shelves can also be combined with other cabinet designs and styles to create space for displaying your favorite cookbooks, dishes, and vases. It is good to have just a few open shelves such as one over the sink or on high display pieces for items that are rarely used.

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5. Fix the Budget

Before buying the product you have to set a budget for a smooth process. First of all, you have to plan clearly what you are going to do! According to the plan, you can move to the next step of the project. You have to set a clear budget based on the material and labor costs. Do not compromise with the quality anymore. The preplanned budget-friendly project always satisfies the end results.

The Final Note

Your kitchen is a big part of your home. You want to ensure that the decor is not only appealing but also practical. With a little bit of creativity, you can have a beautiful kitchen space and at the same time minimize the space you have. You can stock up all you want inside and still have a neatly organized kitchen.

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