From the very beginning, we all are aware of the importance of Microsoft products and its certifications. The company offers services and technologies that are not only for personal use, but also for professional use. View More on Certbolt Website Here , in the IT sector, one’s experience working with Microsoft services is one of the basic requirements for various jobs in almost any organization. Therefore, everyone opts for the certificates this vendor offers the interested candidates. By getting any Microsoft credential, numerous opportunities get unlocked for those individuals because these badges speak as proof for their skills. So, if you’re interested in Microsoft 365 identity and services, for example, and want to become an expert in this sector, then you need to start with the MS-100 test that leads to Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert.

Some Words About Microsoft MS-100 Exam

Please note that if you want to obtain the certificate we mentioned, you must take two exams, and the second one is Microsoft MS-101. As for the test we will talk more about in this article, it evaluates the students’ skills regarding the deployment, migration, planning, and management of Microsoft 365 services. This exam is best to be taken by the experienced system engineers because it has certain prerequisites that any candidate should fulfill. Thus, before sitting for AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Practice Exam Dumps , you need to have one of five associate-level badges that Microsoft has listed on its website or earn MCSE: Productivity Solutions Expert.

While taking this exam, the learners have to attempt 40-60 questions within 150 minutes. To pass Microsoft MS-100, they must score a minimum of 700 points, otherwise, they will not be accredited. Any score less than 700 will be considered a failed attempt. There are various types of questions in this test, so the pattern of the exam may consist of the following:

The applicants can take this test in the English or Japanese languages. The cost of this certification exam is $165, but it varies based on your geographical location.

Course Outline of Microsoft MS-100 Exam

To ace this exam in one go, the learners must have a firm grip over certain topics. Let’s take a closer look at them and their subtopics.

1. Design and implement Microsoft 365 services (25-30%):

  • Management of domains;
  • Planning of Microsoft 365 implementation;
  • Configuration of Microsoft 365 tenancy as well as subscription;
  • Pass Your Exam on This URL subscriptions and tenant health;
  • Proper planning of user migration along with data.

2. Manage user roles and identity (35-40%):

  • Development of an identity strategy;
  • Planning of identity synchronization by the utilization of Azure AD Connect;
  • Management of identity synchronization and Azure AD Connect;
  • Management of Azure identities;
  • Management of user roles.

3. Manage access and authentication (20-25%):

  • Management of authentication;
  • Implementation of multi-factor authentication;
  • Configuration of application access;
  • Implementation of access for the external users of Microsoft 365 workloads.

4. Plan Office 365 workloads and applications (10-15%):

  • Planning for the deployment of Office 365 workloads;
  • Office 365 applications and their deployment.

The percentage after each objective shows how many questions you can expect. Just by looking at this list of the topics and their subtopics, it is easier for you to judge that this exam requires your complete concentration and proper time. Therefore, you need to use all you have to pass the MD-100 Windows 10 Practice Test Questions – Certbolt with flying colors. Read study guides, take training courses, use practice tests and exam dumps, and get other resources that will help you master all these domains.

In a Nutshell

You have now acquired the basic understanding of the Certbolt MS-101 Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security Practice Test Dumps . All you have to do is start preparing for it, and this should be done with great dedication and smart work. After completing this test, you will learn about all the benefits that it comes with. So, do not wait any longer and give your career an impetus by obtaining the appropriate certification!


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