What is Encryption & Most commonly used Encryption Types?

Encryption and cryptology are in the air for years, protecting and keeping our data, and state secrets safe from prying eyes, but do you know exactly which one/s are most reliable...

5 Tips To Keep Your Roof Burglar Proof

Our homes are where we recharge, spend time with our loved ones, and expect to stay safe and protected – which is why it is always a good idea to invest...
Top Home Security Systems of 2020

Smart Home 101: Gadgets You Need To Have Installed In Your Home

These days, smart gadgets and appliances are what’s running the household of many homeowners. For some, they buy these gadgets because they are the latest and they want the best for...
never settle

12 Tips to Protect Your Company Website from Hackers

Hackers! This is a sure-fire word that is bound to bolt any modern entrepreneur and business owner from a deep sleep even if they were dreaming. Hackers have become quite the...
recording information

Ways to Recording Information Easily and Reliably

Note-taking One of the earliest and most widespread methods of information capturing, there's not a single person out there that didn't write down notes at least once in their lifetime. Whether it's...

A Guide to Understanding the Crucial Aspects of Big Data and Hadoop

In this technological era, one thing that connects us all irrespective of the geographical barriers is the internet. This creates a large user base and hence generates a lot of data...
How to Find My Information on the Dark Web

How to Find My Information on the Dark Web

Your data may be on the dark web. As frightening as that sounds, it is widespread. You need to know if your data is floating around the dark web, and what...

10 Facts You Need to Know About Data Security

Data Security, data security solutions The recent and alarming trends in identity theft has the taken the whole world by storm. Each single day, as many as 390,000 new spiteful programs are...
How to Save Money on Online Life Insurance

How to Save Money on Online Life Insurance

A lot of people think of life insurance as a pesky added expense in their budget. When you’d much rather be saving for things like a new house or...
Covid-19 and Cybersecurity

Covid-19 and Cybersecurity: What to Know

There’s a lot going on in the world right now, and that can sometimes cause us to shift our attention away from things that do still matter, and sometimes matter quite...

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