3 Ways to Make Your Zoom Experience More Secure

3 Ways to Make Your Zoom Experience More Secure

The world was going on with its routine normal of jobs, the get-togethers when all of it came to an abrupt halt. With social distancing as the new normal, the necessity to connect digitally has become a priority. The demand for a platform to communicate without physical contact has provided many visual conferencing applications with … Read more

A Guide to Understanding the Crucial Aspects of Big Data and Hadoop


In this technological era, one thing that connects us all irrespective of geographical barriers is the internet. This creates a large user base and hence generates a lot of data to be processed. Hadoop is one such open-source database framework that helps in processing the Big Data available worldwide and is gradually gaining importance among … Read more

What Are The 5 Best Home Security Systems For Every Budget?

The importance of having security systems in your home has been duly emphasized over the years. Home security systems are very important for use in every home. Home security systems are the hardware used for security practices. They include camera systems, alarm systems, lighting, motion detectors, etc. Typically, most of the burglary incidents that occur … Read more

5 Key Reasons You Need to Migrate from HTTP to HTTPS

Whenever you visit a website, you’ll notice a little lock icon appear next to the address you typed into your browser. This icon indicates that the website uses a secure protocol, called HTTPS (or HTTP over Transport Layer Security) for transporting data. The outdated protocol, HTTP, doesn’t encrypt data being exchanged between your browser and … Read more