In the past, people would spend no more than five minutes in their bathroom. It was room to use and then leave. Today, it is often one of the most popular rooms in your home and one that you are likely to spend at least an hour or two every day.

It has been proven by psychologists that spending time in nature can have a beneficial effect on mental health and wellbeing; many individuals enjoy this outside environment while still remaining inside their house with artificial greenery. Bathrooms are no longer the “forgotten” room in your home.

You may have a luxurious master bathroom, but if you’re like most people and live in an apartment or smaller house, your bath is likely relatively easy to decorate. But because the bathroom is used all the time, it can be different from other rooms of the house, especially if you put some imagination into making it feel more luxurious.

You could make your bathroom a luxury one by getting a new vanity. Bathroom vanities are typically used for more than just storing towels and toiletries; they can also be used as an extra surface to do work or create makeup. Vanity height is important too because you want it at the right level when sitting on the toilet, not bending over awkwardly. There are all sorts of styles, from modern with metal legs and clean lines to classic wooden ones.

With a little bit of creativity, adding décor to bathrooms can make them seem much larger showrooms is realistic for most people. One big trend at the moment is turning your bathroom into a luxurious space. That’s because we spend so much time there and it can be the place you go for relaxation after work, as well as an essential room if you have a baby or other small children. You may want to start by thinking about the most common piece of furniture: the vanity.

What type should it be?

Whether your bathroom budget is big or small, you don’t actually have to spend a fortune to get the luxury look. Here are some of the key features you should look for in a new vanity.

1) Sleek and modern design: with marble, granite, or wood finishes to suit your tastes;

2) Functional drawers that hide away the clutter;

3) Clear space on top where you can store your beauty products, so they’re easy to find and use.

It’s far better, for example, to buy one good piece of furniture than it is to buy a room’s worth of less expensive stuff. Whether it’s your vanity unit, your bath, shower, a mirror, the tiles, or anything else, that one good piece will draw the eye and give the room a luxurious feel, and the rest will matter much less. As self-care and relaxation have become more critical to combat and stress, the bathroom has boosted popularity.  Start with one piece, and over time, as you get the money together, replace other items until you have an entirely new bathroom that looks stunning. Changing it all piece by piece might take a while, but it will be far less expensive and disruptive, and it’s a fun way to redecorate too.

Start with a bathroom vanity that is either modern or matches the decor in your bedroom. For example, if you have a white and chrome bed frame, it might be worth getting a white-on-white marble one too. It will look very chic and luxurious at the same time while being functional and doing something about that tired old countertop. For those who are limited on space because they live in an apartment with little storage underneath, you can get creative, for example, buy an LED medicine cabinet, mirror with light, or intelligent mirror.   Your new bathroom style can be completed with the addition of a wall or floor tiling, for example, hexagonal tiles that will add texture and character to your space. You might also want to think about how you could create an ambient mood lighting scheme by using LED lights on tracks that you can find in the home improvement store. And yet, the chosen design is yours about your bathroom. But before you make a decision, weigh and think through everything.

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