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Are you a passionate singer? Do you keep on participating in various music events and competitions? Are you the lead vocalist of your musical band? If the answers to all these questions are yes, then we are sure you must be in need of an effective microphone for the purpose of voice recording. If you are a vocalist and looking for some of the best vocal microphones in the market, then you have come to the right place. We will provide you with elaborate details about the 8 best microphones available for voice recording. You can also read best wireless microphones & 11 Best Wireless Keyboards in our blog.

It is not sufficient to just pick up the best microphone available. You will also need to consider several other factors, such as the budget available with you. You will be able to select that microphone only, which suits your budget. You also have to take care of factors like the feel, sound, and energy of your vocal recordings.

First of all, you need to be well-versed with all the types of vocal recording microphones available in the market. Then only you will be able to choose a microphone accordingly. Basically, there are three types of voiced recording microphones available. These are:

  • Tube Microphones: These are technically quite similar to condenser microphones. If you are someone who loves the old sound as compared to digital sounds, then these microphones are for you. There is a difference in their internal built if you compare them with condenser microphones.
  • Condenser Microphones: Condenser microphones are quite popular among vocalists. Their internal builds are quite optimal for their details and sensitivity. The polar patterns assist in sound isolation.
  • USB Microphones: If you are a beginner, then you must choose USB Microphones. You will find it quite easy to use these microphones. All you need to do is to plug them into your computer, and you are good to go. Also, USB microphones will easily fit into your budget. However, the quality will not be as good as condenser microphones.

Now that you have an idea of the types of voice recording microphones, let us introduce you to the top 8 voice recording microphones. If you follow this guide, then it will be convenient for you to purchase a microphone of your choice. Let’s have a look:

Top 8 Best Microphones for Voice recording:

Audio -Technica AT2035:

Audio -Technica AT2035

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This one is one of the best Audio Technica mics, and it definitely deserves to be at the number one spot. This particular model is extremely popular among vocalists. The large number of positive user feedbacks give testimony of its performance and reliability.


  • The side-address condenser along with the 80 Hz high pass filter and 10 dB pad helps in capturing mid and high ranges of a voice.
  • We are sure you will love the ruggedness of the mic.
  • Also, this amazing mic will not burn a hole in your pocket. It is totally budget-friendly.


  • This microphone is suitable for those who are just starting out on recordings. Advanced users will not benefit much from AT2035.
  • It has a really small unit, including the print.

Warm Audio WA-47:

Warm Audio WA-47 Large-Diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone

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This is a very beautiful voice recording mic. You will fall in love with a sleek and attractive design. It has the ability to give you pristine clear and soothing vocal tracks in your recordings. The specialty of this microphone is that it is emphasized on vintage-like preamps, compressors, mics, etc.


  • This high-quality mic will not be out of your budget. You can fit it into your budget easily.
  • You will be amazed at the flexibility level of the microphone.
  • Warm Audio WA-47 is capable of delivering a stellar performance.


  • You cannot expect a sound that is equivalent to ’47 microphones.

Blue Yeti Pro:

Blue 1967 Yeti Pro USB Condenser Microphone

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This is one of the most popular USB microphones in the market. The pro version offers an audio quality that is quite close to some of the traditional condenser microphones. You will have the flexibility to choose how to hook up this microphone to your audio set up. You will also experience the top-notch quality of the digital recording.


  • Flexibility in Design.
  • Stunning sound quality.
  • Extremely simple and easy setup.
  • It is ideal for your home studio setup.
  • It has multiple microphone patterns.


  • The controls of this microphone are quite flimsy.
  • Also, this mic tends to pick up a bit of sibilant noise.
  • You will find the mounting part difficult. On difficult surfaces, it will be more awkward.

Shure SM7B:

Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

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Vocalists prefer SM7B a lot. It is actually a dynamic microphone with a cardioid pickup pattern. You will be glad to know that legendary Michael Jackson used SM7 all throughout his recording days. It is really a heavy hitter in the recording realm. This legendary microphone is one of the best options for voice recording purposes.


  • It offers a very natural sound.
  • It delivers exceptionally smooth highs.
  • You will find it very convenient to use.
  • It is quite cheaper as compared to other high-end condenser mics.
  • It offers crystal clear and rich lows.
  • It offers good quality of sound isolation. Also, it does not get as hot as condensers.
  • It has low cut and high boost filters.


  • This microphone needs a decent preamp or mixer.

Mojave Audio MA-200:

Mojave Audio Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser Professional Microphone

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If you have a considerably high budget, and you love the sound of vacuum tube condensers, then Mojave Audio MA-200 is perfect for you. This microphone is sort of a secret weapon because of its crisp highs and warm low end. It offers a stunning sound quality with great details, which can be very easily compared to other high-end microphones. The distinct sound it offers makes it all the more popular among the users.


  • It offers vintage sonic texture.
  • There is minimal low noise.
  • These microphones are good for a wide variety of instruments.
  • It offers a very smooth frequency response.


  • It is expensive as compared to other microphones that we have discussed so far.

Rode NT1-A:

rode nt1 vocal condenser microphone review

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If you are a bit low on budget, then you can go for Rode NT1. It is quite a legendary and remarkable voice recording microphone for the vocalists. It consists of a shock mount, dust cover as well as a pop filter. Because of the large 1” diaphragm, this microphone offers a neutral and warm sound for your vocal recordings. This microphone is also good for instruments such as piano, guitar, and bass. This microphone will be good enough for you if you are on the beginning stage and also planning to start a home studio. In short, this microphone is an all-rounder that, too, at a much lower cost.


  • It offers a flat frequency response.
  • It has a cardioid polar pattern.
  • It offers low self-noise at just 5Db.
  • The microphone looks quite premium because of all-metal body quality.


  • This microphone is quite heavy because of the metallic body structure.
  • There are sibilance issues. So, you will need a decent pop filter.
  • It also needs another device to acquire phantom power.



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This high-end voice recording microphone is extremely popular among the vocalists. The mic is popular because of the distinct sound it offers and also the extra controls. It has the ability to make your vocals stand out a little bit more in a sort of layered mix.


  • This microphone includes excellent accessories.
  • It has an additional wide cardioid polar pattern.
  • It has maintained the classic C414 sound.
  • This microphone has an improved version of the technical spec.
  • It has the latest switching system with LED indicators.


  • Because of the LEDs, the stealth miking becomes difficult in Film and GTV applications.

Apogee Mic PLUS:

best microphone for voice recording review

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It is a very high quality USB microphone. Vocals are quite fond of this microphone.  This microphone offers a brilliant audio quality and has high level of flexibility. It is quite small in size. The weight is just about half a pound. You can use this microphone very conveniently while travelling and sitting nicely on a desk.


  • It is compatible with all – Ios, windows and Mac.
  • It has a powerful headphone output along with blend function. This allows for latency free recording.
  • It has multi-color status LED.


  • There is no disadvantage of using an Apogee Mic PLUS for voice recording.

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Buying Guide:

Buying a microphone for voice recording purposes is not at all an easy task. There are so many options available in the market. You are bound to get confused, especially if you are a beginner. That’s why we have come up with this detailed list of top 8 vocal microphones. But we are also providing an elaborate buyers guide, which will further ease your burden. These will be some basic points which you have to keep in mind in order to grab the best microphone according to your choice.

Following are some points which you need to keep in mind while purchasing your favorite voice recording microphone:

  • Types of microphone: First of all, you need to understand what do you actually need from your microphone. Zero down your basic requirements and then go through the different types of microphones. Microphones are of different types. You can purchase the one which suits all your needs. It is easy to get confused because of the wide variety of microphones available in the market. Still, you can decide what you exactly need. As per your requirements, choose the type of microphone.
  • Budget: The next big factor that will influence your buying decision is the amount of budget available with you. You can have a very high budget. Then you can go for high-end voice recording microphones that we have enlisted above. But in case you are just a beginner and do not have enough funds available, then you can opt for the low-cost voice recording microphones. We have sorted out all the options for you.
  • Versatility: Think hard about the utility of this microphone. Check whether it will meet your future needs or not. Also, you need to consider how the microphone will compliment your existing collection.
  • Vintage versus new: Also, think twice whether you want a new sound or a vintage one. If you are ok with modern alternatives, then go for the new age of modern microphones. If you are someone who prefers old things, then also you have quite a number of options available.
  • Brand: Also, the brand of microphones does matter. Many manufacturers tend to stick to a particular style. If you prefer the style of a particular brand, then you will most likely purchase microphones of that brand only. It is always better to choose a brand with which you are familiar.

Frequently Asked Questions:

It is a natural top to have lots of questions coming up in your mind. We have accumulated a set of questions that users generally ask. If you go through this set of questions, we are sure, lots of your doubts will simply vanish. Please have a look at all of them so that you can understand about microphones in more detail.

  • What is the meaning of phantom power?

Phantom power produces the DC voltage, which you will need to power a condenser microphone. Nowadays most of the latest audio interfaces and mixers come with a +48V switch. Sometimes you may need to use external phantom, power too.

  • What is the meaning of the polar pattern?

Polar pattern means the sensitivity of the sound, which is being picked up from several directions surrounding the microphone. Basically, it means a listening area. Polar patterns can differ according to microphone diaphragms.

  • Will the condenser microphone get damaged if I unplug it before turning off the phantom power?

Yes, if you plug or unplug a microphone without turning off the phantom power, it will damage your condenser microphone. It is just similar to changing a bulb while the switch is on. While connecting or disconnecting, there will be a significant voltage spike. The loud pop that you will listen to is harmful to the speakers. In order to avoid any such incident, you should turn phantom power on only when you have plugged it in. Also, remember to switch it off before unplugging.

  • Can using a phantom power impart damage to your dynamic microphone?

It is safe to operate dynamic microphones with phantom power. But if the cables are improperly wired, or there is an improper connection, then you can impart damage to your microphone.

  • What is the major difference between a condenser microphone and a dynamic microphone?

The most significant difference between a condenser microphone and a dynamic microphone is in the way they work. Condensers follow the principle of variable capitance. It works like a battery or cell. While the dynamic microphones convert sound waves into a voltage by utilizing a magnet.

  • Why is the microphone preamp not working properly?

If you have a passive microphone preamp, for instance, CL-1 and DM1, then you will need phantom power to make it work. But there is nothing to worry about. There is not any chance of damage since the preamp will not transfer the phantom power into your microphone. But always keep checking the cable connections.

  • What is the matter with the wind noise that I keep on hearing when the mic is plugged in?

It is a particular type of handling noise. There can be several reasons as to why you are hearing this wind noise. The reason can be the lack of a windscreen or a damp capsule.

  • Where do I need to place the microphone so that I can sing effortlessly?

You should place the microphone at least three inches away. This will ensure the best sound out of your microphone. As you get closer to the microphone, you will start noticing the proximity effect. This will create a lot of distortion and boominess.

Final verdict:

If you are planning to buy a new microphone, the chances are that you have already searched online as well as in the bricks and mortar shops. By now, you must have understood that a wide array of microphones is available in the market. It is natural to get confused about which one to buy and which one to avoid. But our elaborate guide will definitely ease your confusion. You will be able to make a rational decision.

According to us, the best microphone for voice recording is undoubtedly the Audio -Technica AT2035. It will suit your budget as well as help you with your recordings. You need not go after high-end microphones. This one will solve all your purpose.

Hope our verdict helps you out in your confusion. You can rely on our verdict and easily decide which microphone to purchase. All you need to do is to take some precious time out from your valuable work schedule and go through our elaborate guide. So get ready to make a smart choice and rock your performance.

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