10 Ideas about Wireless Charger That Really Work

Wireless charging sounds good!! It is a wonderful idea that can make your life easier. Simply plop down your phone on a charging pad and electricity flows from charger to mobile device. What’s next? A full battery to make you scroll through newsfeeds and your social media accounts.

10 Ideas about Wireless Charger That Really Work

Since 2015, smartphones have had wireless charging tech in-built into all these devices. But nowadays, Apple has launched its new devices that are capable to get charged using wireless technology. iPhone X and iPhone 8 devices are effectively using a wireless technique.

There is no limit to this advanced technology. The Wireless car charger is also available in the market to make your journey pleasant and full of excitement. A daily newspaper is always flooded with accident news and the reason behind these accidents is the use of a phone while driving. Don’t be shocked! It’s a truth. While driving most of you have the habit to text, making a call, and even connecting the phone with a charging cable. All these activities can threaten your life. But now you can get rid of these situations with the right use of wireless car charging techniques. Put your phone on the charging mat and get a fully charged battery till the end of your journey.

Let’s discuss the ideas that make you a fan of a wireless charger.

10 Ideas about Wireless charger that Really works

1. No mess of wires and cables

Look at some comments posted by people on the Wireless charging benefits.

Visualize this; no plug and unplug situation while going through unsuitable roads, drop your phone on a charging pad and it starts charging without any further effort. A whole picture is created in front of you without doing anything else. Neat and clean work and you don’t have to stress about carrying wire and cable everywhere especially when you are away from your home and office. Still, at a restaurant, hotel, and cafe you can afford to plug your charger but that’s not possible while driving. It’s risky to plug and unplug your charger when you drive.

We can’t say all the wires and cables are gone; still, we need to use a cable that connects the base of a charger to the power supply. But we can say the clutter of different wires for different phones is no more. Suppose you possess two devices one is iPhone and the other is an Android, so for both devices, you need to carry separate cables. Now, it’s time to say Goodbye to cables!

2. No wear and tear problem

As in the first point, we have mentioned there is no need to carry wires everywhere. No wires mean no wear & tear on your device.

Let’s make it more clearly with a little explanation. There is no plug and unplug problems and therefore, no wear and tear on Smartphone sockets. It makes your device more durable to run for a long way and you can maintain it easily. Both ports and cables are secure.

3. It has the power to charge multiple smartphones and iPhone

A wireless charger has the power to charge multiple devices. Usually, different chargers require different cables but in this case, all smartphones and iPhone can be charged with a single wireless charger. In this process, place your device on a charging mat and it never recognizes which device you are placed to charge.

Every time an EMF principle is ruled between these devices. When you drop a phone over a mat, an electromagnetic field is created. The transmitter coil (Exist in wireless chargers) transfers the signal to the receiver coil present at the back of your phone. And at last, your phone starts charging.

4. Safer power transmission

In a wireless charger, charging is possible without actually touching any electrical connectors. Feel free when you plunk your phone on the charging mat.

Although minor signals are passed to your body while placing the phone, it is never considered as harmful to your skin. Medically proven statement: It’s safe for the skin.

5. No overheating

Overheating is a common problem when you connect a smart device with a wired charger. Somewhere it’s scary. Wireless charger comes up with an effective advantage and that is no overheating problem. It automatically turns off when the phone is charged.

Earlier in a wired charger, you had to be conscious about whether is phone charged or not. But now half of the work is accomplished by a wireless charger. The automatic turn-off prevents overheating problems.

6. Perfect fit with an adjustable mount

Some charging mounts are easy to adjust no matter what angle you want to set. It’s reliable for all phone sizes. Gripping arms of the charging mount ensures your phone is securely locked in the right place and gets maximum charging efficiency.

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7. Easy-release technology

The dual sensors on both sides of a wireless car charger make your driving easy. There is no hassle of releasing a phone when you have to make an urgent call or pick up an incoming call. Tap sensors on either side and see your phone is automatically rescued. It is very fast and effective feature you can enjoy in wireless technology.

8. Smart lock technology

The smartest and the best trait of using wireless charging is when the charger senses your cell phone, it automatically locks your phone. It prevents your device from dropping. And even it stops unnecessary opening and closing of mount arms.

9. Convenient

A wireless device is convenient to carry anywhere. It’s light in weight and can easily adjust in your small or large handbag. Whenever you feel your phone is going to be dead, pick it up from your bag and charge using a wireless charger.

10. Fast charging speed

Quick charging can enjoy with this technology. Newly launched phones get a charge at 7.5W, 9W, and 15W. Some think that it’s not fast but it is. The high-quality charger can give you quick charging benefits.

At the root, accept a Qi-standard car charger for better outputs. These days, newly launched car models have an in-built charging mat to fix your low battery problems.

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Hope this article will be helpful to get further information about the wireless charger.

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