Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is the most sophisticated and popular hair restoration treatment for both men and women today. FUE allows you to rebuild natural hair using your own hair. This is a minimal pain technique.


By the age of 34, 66 percent of males have experienced some degree of hair loss due to physical condition and other reasons. With men under greater pressure than ever to look their best, hair loss can be a devastating blow to self-esteem.

What is FUE?

Follicular Unit Extraction entails extracting hair follicles from the donor area and implanting them in the target area. Hair is often extracted from the thick and healthy areas such as the back or sides of the head. Natural groupings of 1-4 hairs are collected and implanted into the scalp from the donor location. This is accomplished using a non-invasive microsurgery technology that is painless and leaves little to no scars. The treatment is done under local anesthesia. The recovery time is brief.

Each hair transplant procedure consists of numerous procedures. Pre-consultation, donor extraction and good preservation, implantation, and follow-up care are all part of the procedure. This entire treatment usually takes 6 to 9 hours. To provide the finest possible hair match to cover balding regions and produce the richest, most natural look, hair volume, angle, and color are carefully considered.

5 Steps of FUE Hair Transplantation

  1. To set your expectations, you must discuss the different outcomes and follow the approach. The ideal quantity of grafts to be examined and replaced separately in each instance, as well as their location, must be determined. We will also examine your scalp in order to tailor the replacement to the level of your hair loss.
  2. The surgeon takes donor grafts from the patient’s donor region during this procedure. Grafts are always retrieved one at a time during an Advanced FUE process. This kind of extraction does not result in a lengthy scar on the donor location. Because the perforations in the donor area are quite tiny, there will be less scarring and the wounds will heal rapidly.
  3. As grafts are retrieved, they must be preserved until implantation. After being retrieved from the donor location, the graft is cleansed, sorted by the number of hairs it contains, and immersed in an active plasma solution to optimize survival.
  4. When enough grafts have been retrieved, it is time for implantation. This kind of implantation allows us to implant grafts between existing hair and achieves a very high implantation density. Technically, the surgeon will conduct the entire surgery with care. When the follicle grafts are ready, they are carefully inserted one by one in order to enhance the naturalness, density, and coverage of the thinning regions.
  5. It is critical to follow proper post-care protocols after hair transplantation, such as cleansing the donor and implantation regions and safeguarding the transplanted grafts from the weather. The surgeon will also arrange a follow-up appointment a day following the hair transplant to assess healing progress.

Success rate:

FUE has a success rate of more than 95%. This, however, is extremely reliant on the surgeon doing the procedure. The greatest method to increase your chances of success is to choose a reputed facility with an experienced surgeon.

After Care of FUE:

Before going home, you will go through an aftercare regimen that will include a 4-day course of antibiotics to prevent infection and certain drugs to prevent post-operative swelling.

Without sufficient care, it is impossible to get the desired outcome. The FUE hair transplant technique is rarely painful or uncomfortable afterward, and the usual recovery period is less than 7 days. Your surgeon will suggest specific shampoo and aftercare procedures.

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