facbook marketing mistakes

Do numbers on Facebook inspire you? Do you think that quantity is any day better than quality? If yes, you need to rethink your promotional strategy on Facebook again. The opportunities to improve your brand visibility on social media are endless, but you also need to invest in the right services that can help achieve better ROI.

In an attempt to get more likes, you shouldn’t forget why you are selecting this marketing medium in the first place. So, if you run after thousands of likes, chances are, your Facebook marketing strategy may not work. Nowadays people often make following mistakes that do not help them to increase their ROI. Let’s find out each.

facbook marketing mistakes

Facebook marketing mistakes

With billions of active Facebook users, promoting your brand seems easy. But, in reality, it takes a lot more to impress people. So, here are some of the Facebook marketing mistakes that you should avoid to improve your ROI:

1) You only focus on “likes”

While likes are still alright, they are not the epitome of your marketing campaign. Your posts may get thousands of likes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they advocate your brand. Apart from likes, you should also ensure that your followers are sharing the posts as and when they come. If you don’t have too many followers, you can still increase the count by opting for social media services. Famoid is one of the best in the business that provides genuine Facebook followers who not only like but also share your posts regularly for a wider audience reach.

2) Lengthy posts

Less is more. That’s the thumb rule to promote your brand on Facebook. Too many words can confuse your audience, and they may move on to the next post quickly. Consider your audience as the most fickle-minded group in the world. You only have a few seconds to create a positive impression.

So, instead of lengthy posts, keep them short and subtle. Try to slash down your post’s word count to approximately 80 characters or less. If you write more words only a few people can read your posts. But if you write a few words anybody can easily read the post without wasting their time. For example, think of Twitter in mind while creating Facebook posts.

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3) Too much promotion

Every marketing campaign on Facebook should offer value to the audience. Give them what they want to see. Don’t always consider marketing campaigns as a technique to summarize your brand’s features. The audience will get bored soon. Becoming too promotional can have adverse effects. Instead, try engaging in promotional campaigns with the viewers so that they enjoy your posts rather than skipping them as soon as they hit their news feed.

4) Align posts correctly

Using a social situation as your brand promotion technique can be tricky. Unless you align your posts correctly to the incident, your post may seem out of context. It should not only have reference to the event but also match the message that your brand wants to share. For example, many gums and burger brands used the Luis Suarez biting incident in the World Cup to best effect to share their message.

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Facebook is a very delicate medium to promote your brand. One wrong step can bring your ROI down significantly. If you don’t want to take that wrong step, don’t make the above mistakes ever.

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