WhatsApp Business is an app that has been released to assist medium and large scale business enterprises after the success of regular WhatsApp. With more than 1.5 billion users across the world, WhatsApp is the most favorite app for many people. It has helped people connect with their loved ones irrespective of where they reside.

Having an internet connection on their smartphones is enough to use WhatsApp. From sending simple text messages to making video calls, the app can be used as a complete communication tool in itself.

Business enterprises can send and receive messages in text, audio and video files, and documents using the rich interface of the app. Many companies provide enterprises with a platform to connect their database to WhatsApp API, enabling them to use the app to send messages to users in bulk.

WhatsApp Business is not free to use. Enterprises will have to pay for the messages sent to users depending on the type of the message and the location of the users. WhatsApp allows two types of messages to be sent using their app.

The pre-approved template messages are charged per message based on the destination country. The template messages cannot be used for promotional purposes. The session or freeform messages are charged as a part of the package of bulk messages.

WhatsApp bulk message packages enable enterprises to send personalized bulk messages and promotional messages to users. Let us take a look at some of the benefits of using the API platform for WhatsApp integrations.

Reliable and Secure Platform

    • The companies provide secure cloud platforms and follow the enterprise-grade rules and policies.
    • Role based access control, vulnerability testing, data encryption are some of the security features that prevent the data from getting misused or accessed by hackers.
    • The cloud platform is maintained error-free at all times.
    • The companies take care of load balancing to make sure that the messages are sent immediately to users without any time lag.
    • The message traffic is controlled and monitored so that no single server is overloaded in the process.

Personalized Messages on WhatsApp

    • With the help of the API documentation, bulk messages can be personalized to include the names, city names, birthday and anniversary greetings, etc. and send to users with a single click.
    • Personalized bulk messages are effective ways to send campaigns and promote a brand. With marketing software customers get impressed by personalized messages when compared the generic messages.
    • Categorizing users into groups based on their purchase history and sending them customized promotional messages can bring more sales.
    • Include promo codes, special discounts, referral offers in bulk messages to target a group of users to attract their attention towards the business.
    • Not just text messages, but images, vcards, and videos also can be sent using the WhatsApp bulk message service.

Schedule and Send Campaigns

    • Campaigns are marketing tools used to extensively promote a product or service in the market.
    • WhatsApp can be used as an effective tool for marketing a brand or a business.
    • Recurring bulk messages can be scheduled to be sent to users on a regular basis.

Technical Support

    • The companies provide round the clock technical support with the aim of making the process hassle-free.

Switch to Live Chat

    • The live chat option enables the support staff to directly interact with customers using the web application.
    • The support staff can handle multiple chats at once on more than one computer at the same time.

Chatbots and Automated Replies

    • Chatbots are software created using artificial intelligence to interact with users as humans do.
    • In a way, the chatbots take the place of the support staff. Especially, when the staff is offline.
    • WhatsApp Business allows enterprises to set Quick Replies to send instant replies to customer messages.
    • Welcome messages, answers to regular and standard questions can be sent using the bots.
    • Customer complaints, etc. can be recorded by the bots enabling the support staff to identify the main cause of the issue and resolve it.

Sending Informational Messages

    • Informing users about their orders, payments, service schedules, etc. can be done using WhatsApp.
    • The notifications not only help customers stay updated but also help in assuring them that the brand takes their services seriously.
    • Close a customer complaint by sending them a pre-approved template message about successfully resolving their complaint.

Interactive Dashboard

    • The companies provide enterprises with an interactive dashboard that will help businesses keep track of the messages sent, delivered, rejected, received, etc.

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