The flooring of each living space is not merely a choice of comfort but is also one of aesthetic appeal and elegance. The internet is an apt source for tips on attractive flooring trends that are stylish as well as durable. There really is no dearth of choices for homeowners when it comes to attractive home flooring options.

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With the varied taste and preferences of interior designers and homeowners alike and the increasing disposable income in the hands of homeowners, we are all set to usher in a wide spectrum of floor choices, particularly engineered timber flooring trends in 2023.

Let’s first understand a little about what engineered flooring means.

What is Engineered Flooring?

Engineered flooring involves bonding together two or more layers of wood in order to make for more sturdy and robust flooring solutions and prevent weather-related wear and tear and damage. This trend has found the biggest taker in timber and its variants, leading to a huge boom in the demand for engineered timber flooring. Let’s explore what we see upcoming in the coming year in this space.

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4 Engineered Timber Flooring Trends

Wide Boards:

We are increasingly seeing wider timber boards phasing out of engineered timber floorings and making way for more sleek and narrow plank designs and even bringing together varied sizes of widths. This trend is one that is fairly old and has made a comeback in a big way. We’re sure to see a lot more of this in the coming year.

Varied Patterns:

Laying out of the engineered timber flooring too has undergone a fair metamorphosis. We see the onset of a wide variety of geometric designs and angular layouts as opposed the basic vertical and horizontal patterns. These new patterns increase the perceived space of an indoor area and let an aesthetic appeal to your room.

Color Palettes:

Engineered timber flooring is experiencing a refreshing burst of warm colors, a welcome relief from the standard dull greys. We see soft browns, creams, and rust-colored engineered timber flooring being largely sported across various new properties. Even manufacturers of engineered timber flooring are picking up ques from the changing tastes of the buyers to dish out these tones more in the last few seasons.

Recycled Options:

Engineered timber flooring is increasingly finding ways and means to be a sustainable, environmental friendly choice by tying in recycled timber into the process of engineering. In fact, they even lend an earthy rustic element to the finished products bringing with them some natural cracks, erosion, tiny holes and an overall rugged feel, which is the texture of choice for many offbeat interior designers.

Engineered Timber Flooring 3

Much information about engineered timber flooring is provided on certain specific websites. Homeowners can refer to these websites to know more about these flooring trends. It is recommended to consult a home decor expert for flooring purposes. Home decor experts or interior decorators have good knowledge about the type of flooring that suits a house. They are in a position to make suggestions as to which flooring can make a house’s interior attractive.

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While choosing a professional home decor specialist it is important that you seek quotations from the professional. Besides, it is important that you check the credentials of the professional prior to recruiting the person for interior decoration purposes. There may be a number of home decor professionals with a knowledge of engineered timber flooring and therefore it is advised to compare the services of the professionals prior to making a hire.

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