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No matter what type of car you own, or whether you bought it used or new, eventually is it going to break down. At some point, car parts fail and you need new car parts. Nothing lasts forever, especially vehicles.

car parts

If you have the skills to repair your vehicle yourself, chances are you’ll be shopping for used parts. When it comes to replacing car parts, there are things you need to know to avoid making easy car part buying mistakes.

Don’t waste your time or your money on a part that doesn’t work. You could risk damaging your vehicle further. Follow our advice to avoid costly errors when it comes to replacing car parts.

1. Overpaying

Comparing car part prices is crucial in order to avoid overpaying for new car parts. If you’re feeling rushed, chances are you will end up paying more than you need to.

Take your time and do your research, whether you are online car part shopping or shopping in person. The better you research, the better the deal you are sure to find.

If you know a part is likely to need replacement soon, you can save money by buying the part ahead of time and looking for discounts.

2. Getting the Wrong Part

Even the most skilled mechanics make mistakes when it comes to ordering parts. It’s bound to happen to you too. Car parts can be very specific, and you need to know the make and model of your vehicle to get the right ones.

You will also need the number of your chassis, the part number, and the year your car was made. Confirm with your car part provider that the part you are getting is the one you need before purchasing.

Some online dealers, like this company, will make the process of ordering the exact part you need by putting the make and model of your vehicle into a database.

3. Misunderstanding Warranties

Don’t forget to ask about a warranty when you order or purchase new car parts. This is a step that’s easy to forget, but warranties are crucial.

Warranties improve your chances of getting a part that works. They are especially important when you are shopping online, and cannot test the part before purchasing.

You don’t want to end up with a part that does not work and no warranty.

4. Buying Counterfeit Parts

Counterfeit parts are an unfortunately pervasive problem in the auto industry. This is because not all parts come from car manufacturers. It is important to learn how to spot a counterfeit car part.

Checking for misspelled words, misplaced components, and misprinted logos is a good place to start. Of course, online car part shopping can make spotting a counterfeit part more difficult.

Make sure you are buying your auto parts from an honest dealer, or bring a trusted mechanic along to confirm the validity of the parts.

Avoid These Car Part Buying Mistakes

When it comes to repairing your broken vehicle, you should avoid certain car part buying mistakes. Be aware of counterfeit parts and avoid overpaying. Make sure you know exactly which part you need, and always get a warranty.

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