7 Vegetable Gardening Tips Every Gardener Needs To Know

Growing our vegetables on the balcony or terrace give many joys and is not very complicated. Most household chores, like vacuuming, decluttering, and dishes can be a drag. Gardening can be a chore you enjoy. It can be very rewarding if done properly. If you want to find out more about vacuuming or other household cleaning tips, keep reading about the joys of gardening. Gardening can bring pride and light to your home. You just have to know some expert tricks. And which vegetable are the best for growing your home? Here are few tips and tricks for vegetable gardening that every gardener needs to know.

7 Vegetable Gardening Tips Every Gardener Needs To Know

  1. Start with a plan. Whenever you want to grow in a space, be they ornamental flowers or vegetables, it is important to draw a plan, mark the solar orientation, and highlight the areas of shade and direct sun, the places where a tomato can disturb.
  1. Choose the place well. Vegetables do not grow all in the same place: strawberries will be at ease in a semi-shade area but the tomato wants the maximum hours of sunshine possible. As a rule, a vegetable garden need proper sun and heat. As an alternative you can enjoy growing vegetables and culinary herbs right on your balcony. There are various attractive containers and growing kits. Indoor gardening is ideal for those with little or no garden space.
  1. Suitable vegetables. If there is land, there are many vegetables to choose from, but if the vegetable garden is in a container, there will be a limitation related to the lack of land and the lack of space.
  1. Prepare the ground. An orchard requires well-structured and nutrient-rich soil. In pots, fertilizer rich in phosphorus and potassium will be more suitable. In the field, the best part is organic fertilizer: manure and compost.
  1. For seed it is cheaper, but it requires more care to clear if many plants have sprouted. Seeds can also be a good idea if we want to grow a specific variety. Depending on the plant, it is sometimes better to grow it in a seedbed until the moment of transplantation to the ground.
  1. It is very comfortable to buy the plant directly and place it already on the ground, in the game where we want it to grow. On a small scale it is not much more expensive, but it has a drawback: the variety will not always be from the area and will not be as good as local vegetables grown from seed.
  1. Plants require a minimum of responsibility. Irrigation should be monitored, the presence of pests, nutrient deficiencies. It should not be fumigated with harmful chemicals.

And what vegetables are best given in the garden?

  1. Zucchini:

The Cuburbits are the ones that grow best in the garden, but you have to be careful. Its branches can become very long, so you have to have plenty of space or guide them carefully. Pollination sometimes has to be manual.

  1. Tomatoes:

It is the vegetable that most attracts those who venture to try a vegetable garden. There is the cherry variety or the usual one. In both cases, they will need a well-fertilized soil that contains phosphorus, so that flowering is abundant. They like sun, heat and plenty of water.

  1. Carrot:

They require a depth of about 40 cm. They grow better if direct sowing is done, volley, between April and July. It is not convenient to buy seedlings because perhaps the root has already rolled up on itself. When it germinates, it will be necessary to clear up: each plant needs 10 cm. from separation.

  1. Strawberry:

They are very grateful and bear many fruits until well into autumn. Of course, they like to spread and can overwhelm other vegetables, so it is convenient to have them at bay or plant them in their own container. They appreciate areas with some semi-shade, although they also tolerate direct sun.

  1. Radish:

They can be sown almost year-round, although the hottest months must be avoided. It is best to sow it directly on the terraces of the vegetable garden. Its germination power is very high, so it will be necessary to space the seeds or clarify when they germinate.

  1. Lettuce:

They are an ideal vegetable to grow in garden. In addition, it has a very short cycle, so you can enjoy good production in a small space. If it is planted in a seedbed, it should be transplanted to the ground when the seedling has about four or five true leaves.

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