What Does Quality Insurance Look Like in 2021?

A lot has changed in 2020. In a COVID-19 affected world, our “New Normal,” as it has come to be named, isn’t just a time of heightened health risk. We are also dealing with a host of new uncertainties as the impact of the pandemic ripples through daily life. Heightened financial instability, unemployment, even higher travel risk — all these factors are changing how families calculate risk, and what they’re looking for in a quality insurance provider.

Here is what quality insurance looks like in 2020:

Rewards Tailored to Your Lifestyle

With families reassessing how best to remain secure, bonuses and discounts tailored to specific lifestyles are coming into sharper focus. A quality auto insurance provider won’t just be able to offer family discounts and loyalty rewards for long-term membership. It will also allow customers to gear their policy to a range of household-specific benefits. These include tailored coverage for new vehicles, plans based on mileage, and even premium breaks based on vehicle storage.

Adding to these benefits, USAA also offers rewards and discounts for military families. For example, you can save up to 15 percent on your vehicle’s comprehensive coverage if you opt to garage your car at a military base.

Lifestyle choices have changed in 2020, and will likely continue to rapidly evolve in the foreseeable future. Insurance providers need to get granular in the lifestyle-specific rewards and discounts they can offer.

Flexibility to Deal With Change

You can also expect even more versatility from a mature and well-established insurance provider in 2020. Particularly if you’re faced with the need to process a claim while traveling, the gold standard is a provider that can allow you to manage your policy, deal with insurance issues, and seek professional guidance without lengthy waits or inefficient claims handling across multiple operators.

Ideally, in the New Normal, you’ll have a dedicated app on your smartphone to perform these and similar insurance activities quickly and efficiently from any location.

This push for greater flexibility also extends to payment options. With more considerable uncertainty, it’s useful to find an insurance plan that offers the flexibility to fit payments in with your payment schedule.

Extra Coverage When You Need It

Insurance now faces the challenge of offering customers the agility to add or remove additional coverage features when needed. A comprehensive plan for managing your health is as vital now as it always was — more so, for the many people dealing with belonging to a higher risk group for COVID-19 infection.

However, the emerging need many customers now face is a way to rapidly build in additional short term coverage for specific injuries, illnesses, medical procedures, and drugs. Additionally, quality insurance providers in 2020 can help their customers rapidly bridge the gap between comprehensive plans while in periods of coverage transition.

The world has become a more volatile place, especially from a health insurance perspective. The better-positioned insurance providers can offer substantial short term and fixed health benefit plans that afford customers the ability to make smart decisions with zero administrative delays.

Change is Constant

Change is a constant, and in 2020, insurance providers have had to change how they do business to keep up. An insurance provider you can trust in 2020 is one that can offer tailored rewards, give you the flexibility you need to manage risk, and equip you with coverage options that allow you to fine-tune your insurance to your lifestyle.


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