Character animation is art. Mastering its intricacies takes time. Rookies often fall victim to the same misconceptions. It is best to learn from the mistakes of others – this saves a lot of time and effort. So, what are the typical blunders of beginners?

The better your education – the less likely you are to commit these deadly sins. A reputable character design school like will help you become proficient. Rather than learning from random tutorials, use the experience of real professionals. Experts will teach you how to avoid these biggest mistakes.

1. Animating Action without Anticipation

No action exists on its own – it is always preceded by anticipation and followed by the aftermath. For instance, imagine you are working on a rugby scene. One character is tackling the other one. Would you just animate the tackling action and consider the job done? The result would not look realistic.

First, the tackler’s face should change expression, as he is waiting for the right moment to act. Their body should tense, and weight will be shifted. In the aftermath, you need to reflect the momentum and force of gravity as the two characters move sideways. 

2. Animating References

It is perfectly normal to use references and do it frequently. However, do not copy them blindly. Adapt the principles to the character at hand, considering their personality and emotion at the moment. Use references for inspiration and create your own unique work. 

3. Irrelevant Complexity

Sometimes, less is more. You do not always have to use a multitude of tricks and effects to create the best impression. Keep it clear. Naturally, the creation of animated videos is an exciting job, but do not take it to extremes. When complexity looks exaggerated, stick to the basics. Do you really need that unique camera technique to track your character’s movement?

4. “We’ll Work out That Shot Later”

This describes the mentality of incompetent animators. Consistency is key, so you have to think through your techniques while planning. Otherwise, you will have to change a lot of things in the process, which translates into wasted time. Besides, such revisions disrupt the entire production process. This is especially salient in the creation of animated explainer clips. Here, you should aim to provide complex material in a simplified way. The style itself must reflect this idea.

5. Ignoring Brand Rules

When creating content for advertisement, it is crucial to stick to visual standards for a particular brand. The client will often provide you with their guidelines. This eliminates any guesswork and simplifies approval.

The rules will usually concern the logo, the acceptable fonts, color palette, etc. Following this reference sheet is no rocket science. Here, attention to detail will save you a lot of time and effort.

In Conclusion

Motion design brings talented people together. It is a vibrant community where expertise is eagerly shared. Learn from the best and steer clear of these beginner fallacies.


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