Worried about your children? Want to keep an eye on their activities? You will need a spy app, such as Cocospy. With this app, you can hack their iPhone to find out their plans. Fortunately, it is legal to use this app for the safety of your children.

With Cocospy, it will be easy for you to learn how to track someone’s iPhone, including your partner, employees, and children at the same time. See these tips to track an iPhone.

Use Cocospy to Track an iPhone

Cocospy offers a free tracker to track the activities of your children, employees, or spouse. This software is legal to monitor iPhone devices without jailbreaking. Millions of people are using it to save their children from intruders. At the same time, business owners can use this software to keep an eye on their employees. Top sites like TechRadar, Digital Trends, CNET, and Forbes acknowledge the credibility of Cocospy.

How to use Cocospy for tracking?

Cocospy is serving millions of users in over 190 countries. Follow these steps to track an iPhone with this tracking app.

In the first step, you have to register a free account. Simple prompts will be available to create an account. You will need an email address and password to get a free account. Tap on “Sign Up Free” to create your account. A live demo is also available for your assistance.

Use credentials of target iPhone on the iCloud. In the provided space, you have to write the username of the target phone and password of the iCloud account.

After providing the login details for an iCloud account of target iPhone, you can start tracking. See the details of apps available in the iPhone after its synchronization. Jailbreaking is not necessary to install this software. Cocospy allows you to track contacts, call logs, notes, events, browser history, deleted and existed text messages, iMessages, events, social media messages, and real-time location.

GPS Cell Phone Tracking

For GPS tracking, you will need GPS software in the cell phone of your spouse or children. Track My Partner app is available for the iPhone device. Install these apps secretly in your device. GPS data of an iPhone can reveal its location. Your spouse or child will not know that you are tracking his/her iPhone.

A tracking system will gather information from the phone provider and GPS receiver. Nowadays, child safety is an essential concern for parents. With a GPS phone tracker, you can set boundaries for your children. Cocospy features a location tracker. This tracker will send you a notification when your child crosses the restricted areas.

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GSM Tracking Services

This method needs the current GSM network. Track a phone with its SIM card without installing any software or hardware. With a GSM network, it will be easy for you to locate your partner by locating his phone.

Remember, legitimate tracking services may need permission from the user of the device. You can activate GSM tracking for everyone in your family. In this way, your spouse will not feel bothered and threatened by this facility. Explain to your family that this measure is necessary for their safety. Instead of covertly taking the phone of your spouse to get permission, you can take him/her in confidence.

Track iPhone by Phone Number

A powerful tracking website, such as BeenVerified may help you to track your iPhone with the use of personal details. It allows you to track the location of a number. Just enter your desired number and start a search. Wait for a few seconds and get important information. You can get the name of number holder, residential address, email address, past address, social media handles, and online photos (if available).

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Track iPhone Location with iCloud

You can track iPhone location with the help of iCloud. Here are some simple steps to track iPhone location.

  • Explore “iCloud.com” and log in with iCloud credentials.
  • After two-factor authentication, you have to tap on “Find My iPhone” icon. After logging in without two-factor authentication, you can access the dashboard of iCloud. Launch “Find My iPhone” app.

Select a device that you are interested in locating. To find the location on the map, the location of the target iPhone must turn on. Check several options, such as activating sound to alert individuals about a lost iPhone. With this app, you can manage the data of a lost iPhone.

From the above-mentioned point, you can track your wife, children or employees’ iPhones easily. Thumbs up to this article if you like it.


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