So, you have an outdoor ping pong table? A ping pong table is a considerable investment that should last you for a couple of years. Whether you are a casual ping pong player that just enjoys a few rounds of the game or a serious player that craves competition, taking proper care of your outdoor ping pong table is what you need to do to guarantee your ping pong table’s best performance and durability.

What can you do to ensure that your outdoor ping pong table lasts for years to come? Here are some vital tips that can help you protect your outdoor ping pong table:

Learn how to clean your table properly

Over time, all ping pong tables, especially outdoor ones, get dirty and need to be given a good clean. Even if your table remains covered when it is not in use, you’re still going to get skin cells, oils, sweat, germs, hair, and other debris on the surface. That’s why it is important to clean your table even if you cover it for the majority of the time.

Good old-fashioned water does a great job whenever you need to do a quick once over. However, if you are looking to get rid of some serious stains or dirt, you will need something a little more powerful in the form of specialized outdoor ping pong table cleaners.

There is a wide range out there in the market, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding a great product that you can use. As always, ensure that you read your cleanser’s instructions before use to ensure that you’re using it correctly. Also, refrain from using any abrasive cleaners as they can damage the surface of your outdoor ping pong table.

Always use protective covering

Ping pong table protective covers are sort of like dental floss. Everyone knows dental floss should be used daily, most of us have it at home or in a bag, but very few of us actually feel the need to use it. And yet, we’re often surprised when our teeth suddenly start to pain or even worse rot.

The case is the same with protective covers for outdoor ping pong tables. If you don’t use protective covers on your outdoor table, dust will start to accumulate, which is the last thing you want as a serious ping pong player.

Why you ask? You see when dust accumulates on the surface of your ping pong table, it undermines your gameplay. How you ask? Balls simply don’t bounce as well on a dirty surface as they do on a clean one. The dirt will cause the bounce and spin of the ping pong balls to become inconsistent, which will definitely impact your gameplay.

And that’s not all. When your table gathers dust, it will become easily transferable to your balls, as well as your paddles. And if you play ping pong consistently, you already know how sensitive the rubbery surface of your paddles is. To prevent dirt and germs from transferring from your table to your other gear, you must use a protective cover when the table is not in use. 

If you have pets, a protective cover is not a want but a need. Pet hair will find its way easily on to the table’s surface- whether your pets get on the table or not. Besides, pets that have a habit of clawing surfaces can get to your table and cause a world of irreparable damage.

Don’t forget your balls

Ping pong balls are the heart of a good game. As such, when cleaning and taking care of your outdoor ping pong table, don’t forget to wipe the balls as well. Use a soft cloth that has been dampened with warm water to wipe every area of your balls. 

Warm water is all you need for a quick clean. However, if you are looking to give your balls a deep clean, consider using specialized ping pong ball cleaners. These specialty cleaners will help you remove oils and other types of dirt that are hard to eliminate with just water.

Prevention is key

Learning how to protect and clean your indoor ping pong table is important but preventing soils and spills is a vital step of extending the life of your table. You should put your protective cover to good use as it will protect your table’s surface from the elements.

You should also consider refraining from earing or drinking at your ping pong table. Whenever you throw ping pong parties or tournaments, provide another separate table for the side drinks and food so that your table can be used strictly for playing.

If you love ping pong, you want to play the game on a well-performing surface. Furthermore, knowing how to clean your table’s surface, as well as the other components it comes with such as the nets will allow you to set your own standards of sanitation and quality so that you can continue to enjoy your table just the way you like it.

Create special rules for your table

It may also be necessary to create some important rules designed to keep your outdoor ping pong table safe. For instance, you shouldn’t allow anyone to eat or drink on your outdoor ping pong table. Food stains or hard to remove drink stains from beverages such as red wine is the last thing that you want to deal with when cleaning an outdoor table.

Additionally, you shouldn’t allow anyone to sit on your table. Not only will this throw the table off level but it may also scratch the surface or even damage and separate the table’s other components and fixtures.

Final Thoughts

You just dropped some serious cash on your ping pong table. So, you need to properly take care of it not only to protect your investment but also so that it can serve you better. Straight off the bat, you need to know that a quality protective cover will make all the difference in the world both in terms of the table’s durability as well as playability.


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