Securing the boundary of your commercial site is a complicated task. Not only do you need to ensure that your workplace remains secure against human intruders seeking to harm or steal valuable stock and equipment, but you also need to make certain that it is protected against damage or loss due to local wildlife.

While installing a new fence along the edge of your site will represent a significant investment in the short-term, safeguarding your property is essential – not only to your business, but to your peace of mind, too. Interruptions or loss can cause significant downtime and loss of income, and render you more vulnerable to further, targeted attacks in the future.

If you are worried about the level of security in place at your commercial site, or need to build up your defences from scratch, then read more about the many factors you need to consider – and how to find the right solution for your business – below.

What are You Protecting Against?

  • Theft and Vandalism

Experienced thieves will know how to spot an opportunity as and when it arises, and your perimeter fencing stands as your first line of defence against intruders; while internal fencing can be more geared-up towards segregating specific areas, the outer line should offer the highest level of security against the risk of vandalism and theft.

Any valuable equipment, stock, or moveable machinery is vulnerable to those with malicious intent, and could cost you thousands to replace – even if you have insurance – as well as considerable downtime.

  • Damage from Deer

Deer represent a significant issue for farmers and gardeners, and their numbers are steadily climbing within the UK.

While they do not pose a direct threat to livestock, deer are thought to be responsible for increasing the proliferation of ticks on your land, which can spread a number of pathogens to humans and livestock. A significant problem could necessitate toxic sprays in order to mitigate the issue, which, of course, is far from ideal.

They can also cause significant damage to crops and forestry, particularly in rural areas, which is why reinforcing your perimeter fencing against deer is essential. They are excellent jumpers, and have also been known to chew through weak timber in order to gain access to restricted areas.

  • Loss of Livestock 

If you are keeping livestock on your site, then protecting them from escaping into the outside world – and fortifying your property against any potential attempts at escape – is not always simple, but finding a solution that affords peace of mind and a high, practical level of defence is essential.

While internal fencing is effective at keeping livestock separated and secure against unwanted migration, nothing is able to guarantee totally against the risk of escape, and your perimeter fence must offer an additional, dependable line of defence against loss of livestock.

  • Protection from Predation

If you do have livestock to keep safe, then you will likely already know how challenging it can be to stop predators from finding a way into secure areas. Some of the most common predators in the UK include foxes, badgers and Otters. The risk grows higher at night, when humans present less of a risk to these animals, and darkness affords greater concealment and security.

Predators are skilled at slipping through small gaps in fences, burrowing underneath, climbing over the top, or simply chewing through the fence until they create a way through, which means that your perimeter needs to be equipped to deter and block their route onto your property. A stronger fence, and a few additional security measures will make a considerable difference.

Improve Your Fencing

Clearly marking and fortifying the perimeter of your property is essential. Not only does it afford security against intruders, vandals and would-be thieves, but it also ensures that your land is protected against wildlife, and members of the pubic who may unwittingly wander onto your property, and potentially injure themselves in the process.

Whatever your concerns are, your fence needs to offer a high level of security in order to ensure peace of mind, both in terms of your own potential liability, and protecting your business’s assets. It needs to be sturdy and durable – the last thing you want is to waste time and money maintaining, replacing and repairing your perimeter fence; any weaknesses will increase your site’s vulnerability to trespassers and break-ins, and potentially compromise the security of the entire property.

It also needs to be relatively easy to maintain. While a fence may present a significant investment into your business initially, spending time and money on regularly upkeeping and repairing should be avoided, provided you work with a reliable supplier.

There are a number of different options – and factors – for you to consider, from the overall cost to the level of defense you require. Begin by considering the following:

Timber Fencing

Wood is a natural resource, and as a result it can blend in seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Although it requires regular maintenance, it is easy to work with and, if necessary, repair. With the right upkeep, it is also an extremely cost-effective choice.

Pressure-treated creosoted fencing stakes offer the best protection against rot and damage, which will enable them to last for much longer before components need to be replaced. Creosote will also deter insects from burrowing into the wood, and undermining it from within.

Wood can also offer a strong, robust line of defense against intruders and wildlife without seeming out of place or overly conspicuous. The addition of creosote will prevent wildlife from chewing on it, which will also limit the wear and tear it experiences.

Wooden fences can be complemented by the addition of wire mesh, which will prevent intruders or wildlife from slipping underneath and gaining access to your site.

Metal Fencing

Alternatively, metal offers a strong defense against intruders and wildlife, and can last for many years – provided it is sourced from a quality supplier, and treated against rust and environmental damage prior to installation.

Galvanised steel will be able to withstand a great deal of punishment from inclement weather conditions without rusting, without needing a great deal of maintenance. While it is considered to have less of an aesthetic appeal than timber,

While metal fences may save you money in the long run, they do tend to present a higher financial outlay initially. This is certainly worth considering if you are on a tight budget, or if there is a chance that your business will relocate at some point in the future.

Metal is also a versatile choice; for instance, meshed panels, chain link and steel palisade fencing is all make an incredibly secure choice for your commercial site.

Additional Security Measures to Consider

In addition to a strong and durable fence, there are a number of other, additional forms of security you can install in order to mitigate the risk of a breach. These can act as an effective deterrent to anyone attempting to breach your initial line of defence.

  • Barbed Wire Fencing

Barbed wire remains one of the most effective deterrents to intruders and livestock predators, particularly when it is used alongside another sturdier form of fencing. Concertina barbed wire, for instance, can be placed along the top of existing fencing. It is cost-effective and easily maintained, and will make it impossible for vandals or thieves to climb over the top of any fence.

  • A Secure Gate

The gate can represent one of the most vulnerable parts of your perimeter fence. If thieves are able to break it open, then they will be able to gain vehicular access to the property, which will make it much easier for them to steal valuable assets from the site.

Ensure that any entrance to the property is locked whenever necessary, and that the gate is secured with durable fittings to prevent tampering.

  • Lights

By far, night represents the most vulnerable time for your site. For one thing, it is considerably quieter; without the constant back and forth of vehicles and people, noise from machinery, and general chaos of the workday, animals and humans will find that the later hours offer a much safer opportunity to stray onto your property.

What’s more, the darkness offers a certain amount of security to would-be intruders. They can feel safe in the knowledge that their movements will be undetected, and that they can carry out their business without risk of being caught.

For this reason, installing outdoor security lights along the perimeter of your property will offer a highly beneficial deterrent to vandals, thieves, and wildlife. These lights can detect movement, and will switch on whenever a threat is distinguished.

This is an extremely effective additional line of defense, which can be used to deter any potential intruders who may attempt to scale your property’s fence.

  • Security Cameras

While it may not be effective against animals, one of the most valuable deterrents for your property will be the installation of security cameras. Provided your fences are secure, would-be criminals will have to spend some time looking for a way into your site, and they will be far less likely to risk surveying the perimeter if they are aware that they are being recorded in the process.

You can also link your security cameras to your own devices, and receive notifications whenever a disturbance is detected. In this way, you will be ready to respond to a threat as-and-when it happens, and prevent it from impacting your business.

In order to get the very most out of your security cameras, ensure that the boundary is clearly signed with warnings about the measures in place, in order to make anyone with malicious intent aware of the security measures you have in place.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your business secure against a wide range of threats is not always simple, but preventing unauthorised access, protecting your valuable assets, and keeping any livestock or crops safe from local wildlife is imperative to ensuring that your work is always able to continue as usual.

Your fence is the most important form of security you have against potential intruders. Without that, any other form of defense will be insufficient against those who wish to gain access to your site. Consider the level of protection your business requires, and how much you are able to invest into your perimeter fence – both now, and in the future – in order to find the best solution for your commercial site.

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