The Secret Behind Your Hormones – Knowing how to Remain Productive Throughout Life

Having a series of ups and downs are normal, but if your mood is moving from one extreme to the other, then it’s possible a hormone imbalance may be the cause. Having a hormone balance is important for one’s health as hormones act as messengers in the human body regulating all of the other body systems.


Among all the hormones, estrogen and progesterone are two of the most important hormones for a woman. These two hormones primarily control the reproductive system, but when these two hormones are in balance, they also regulate sleep, energy, and make you more productive. To make the most of the benefits from estrogen and progesterone it is important for these hormones to be in balance. Whether in life or for work, by paying attention and understanding the fluctuation in these two hormones they can allow a person to excel in social settings, being detail-oriented, and goal setting.

When close to menopause and the end of menstruation, the risk of a hormone imbalance is high when estrogen decreases along with human growth hormone (HGH). HGH in women directly correlates to estrogen production, so when estrogen decreases so does HGH. However, this stage in life does not have to lessen your productivity. You should learn more about clinic you going to visit to understand how exactly they can help you with menopausal symptoms, and allow you to continue being productive.

Know When it’s Your Time to Get Work Done

It is understood what estrogen and progesterone do for the reproductive system, but every woman should know that this is not the extent of the benefits they have to offer. Estrogen and progesterone are key hormones in the body that if used properly can make a woman more productive than ever before. During the time of the month when estrogen levels rise creative abilities and social skills will be at their peak.

As for progesterone, when this hormone level is high it is the best time to focus on detail-oriented tasks putting those enhanced analytical skills to good use. By feeling the changes in these two hormones from week to week make the most of these fluctuations to be as productive as possible. Each stage of the menstrual cycle has its benefits.

  • Follicular stage: Beginning the week after the period, this stage is when estrogen begins to rise. This is the best time to start new projects, and for making new plans. Be mindful of eating healthy and getting adequate sleep during this time for extra energy to use in this stage.
  • Ovulation stage: Lasting 3-5 days of the cycle estrogen levels are at its highest giving a woman’s confidence and natural magnetism an amazing boost. This is the moment to shine with enhanced verbal skills for public speaking, work meetings, and any other social settings.
  • Premenstrual stage: Occurring 10-12 days before an expected period this is when estrogen decreases while progesterone rises. This is the perfect time to examine the fine details of a task.
  • Menstruation stage: Lasting for 4-7 days the menstrual cycle is when estrogen and progesterone are at their lowest. This is the ideal time to reflect on the progress made so far as well as setting new goals for the future. It is advisable to use this time to regain energy in preparation for the next menstrual cycle.

How You Can Stay Productive During Menopause

In menopause, the ebb and flow of hormonal changes during the menstruation cycle cease, but that doesn’t mean productivity has to follow the decline. Menopause commonly occurs between the ages of 45 and 55 beginning with the perimenopausal phase that can last up to 4 years. During this stage is when a women’s estrogen levels gradually decrease, thereby decreasing productivity around the time when estrogen levels are supposed to be at its peak. When the perimenopause phase ends and a woman has reached menopause their progesterone levels do not decrease, but they no longer rise either.

Progesterone levels remain stable during menopause, so there are no longer peaks in this hormone that can increase productivity. Despite losing the increase in productivity from the hormones’ estrogen and progesterone, it is possible to regain high levels of productivity by regaining balance with the human growth hormone.

As stated earlier, HGH levels decrease along with estrogen during menopause resulting in an imbalance of estrogen and human growth hormone. By balancing the human growth hormone imbalance by receiving treatment at an HGH clinic it can increase productivity by increasing energy and focus while negating some of the symptoms of menopause. We can also use Estrogen tablets. Study shows that HGH can increase focus, help with sleep, and improve memory allowing a woman to continue being productive in life without being hindered by menopause.

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