Fill your holiday with sweets; give yourself a treat. What are you planning to spoil your family this yuletide season? What’s on your mind, and what’s on your list?

The tradition for the holiday season is always anticipated. Just thought would bring smiles to your face, joy in your hearts, and happiness to your souls. The joy of the celebration and the happiness it brings is countless that much effort is put into preparing the celebration.

Everyone has their celebration, and each has its unique tradition for the yuletide season. Some may be a cultural tradition, spiritual, family, or even a personal one. Some traditions involve religious activities, others with manners of celebration, house decorations, and most common food preparation.

What Are Your Yuletide Traditions?

Yuletide tradition completes the celebration. Simple as it may be, every family that commemorates the season finds ways to make it memorable year after year. Every continent in the globe celebrates differently.

In Asia, Indians celebrate the Shubh Deepavali wherein the Hindus, Sikhs, and Buddhists wear new clothes, visit friends and family, share gifts, foods, and sweets. It is held over five days, with captivating lights, candles, and fireworks display.

In North America, Hanukkah or the festival of lights is celebrated, particularly in the United States. Celebrated for eight days with reciting of prayers, the lighting of menorah candles, and lots of traditional food that includes latkes for the Jewish families.

While in Europe, where France is situated, people have the tradition of putting their shoes out near the fireplace with hopes that Santa Claus will fill them with gifts. During the celebration, the French served delicious French delicacies and an extravagant meal called “Le Reveillon.”

Le Reveillon is a long dinner where people stay up late until past midnight to feast on excellent foods. The ones preparing for the food spend lots of time at the market shopping for food pop in major cities across France during the holiday.

Foods For The Holidays

Any tradition in any continent always includes feasting on lavish meals and traditional foods. Gatherings would not be complete without them. These foods are no ordinary meals because they are traditionally prepared and planned ahead of time.

For example, a fruit cake is aged months back to get that perfect and yummy rum flavor, or when you want to prepare cinnamon rolls, a batch of these pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls are prepared ahead to source those excellent pumpkins, premium spices, and ingredients.

Nothing beats the presence of sweets or desserts in every special meal served. Whether it is prepared for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late dinner, particular meals are prepared appropriately.

What’s In It With Your Dessert?

People with a sweet tooth are the happiest when desserts are served. Dessert is a course that ends a meal. When desserts are indulged, the first course’s pleasure fades, but the appetite re-energizes when eating remains.

As those desserts are eaten, the hunger pangs will reduce that eventually give a feeling of fullness due to the sweet concentration or the amount of sugar in the food. The sweetness in it depends on the starch added. These starches will break down into sugar that gives the taste of sweetness.

Some of the simple sugars are glucose and sucrose. Each has its appropriate use and application. Athletes commonly use glucose as a source of energy during exercises in the form of energy gels. The glucose-containing gels were used to prevent the breakdown of liver glycogen, as reported by the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism.

The one we commonly see in our cupboards is sucrose. It is the scientific name for table sugar. Sucrose is used in baking, cooking, or food processing, it is sweeter than glucose but less sweet than fructose, and it occurs naturally in many fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Sucrose is also best for processed foods such as candies, ice cream, breakfast cereals, sweetened beverages, and most especially desserts.

The Best Desserts For The Holidays

Your desserts for a holiday could go a long list; there are frozen desserts, baked desserts, tarts, candies, and many more. You can make fancy desserts or just simple ones. You can go with the most effortless preparation or the elaborate process. You may have your favorites, or you may want to explore anew.

Chocolates, cakes, pastries, and candies may be familiar to you, but a new addition on the list is something to excite your holidays. A pumpkin spice cinnamon roll will truly thrill your gastric juices. It is made from healthy ingredients; its primary raw material is pumpkin and flour.

Pumpkin cinnamon roll can be both a dessert or a meal for breakfast. Pumpkin is a winter squash with very impressive health benefits. It grows in North America and is famous around Thanksgiving day And Halloween, but it is also best for the yuletide recipes. Packed with a high value of vitamins and minerals, incredibly rich in Vitamin A.

Pumpkin is also relatively low in calories and with high beta-carotene content. These health benefits make it more favored for a holiday recipe. Pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls are a versatile holiday treat that can be served as breakfast or as dessert. Because of its nutritional content, kids and adults alike can partake in it, and even those with special diets and health buffs.

No guilt with the ingredients because they are healthy, can be easily customized according to your health needs, it can be prepared at home, and most of all it can be prepared by yourself. Thus, making it the best and new addition to the list for your yuletide feast.


Dessert is one of the most anticipated dishes on your menu. It is served in every feast, whether on a simple family reunion or a grand celebration for the yuletide season.

There is already a long list of desserts that you used to serve, but it adds more fun to add a new recipe to the table. A good addition would be pumpkin cinnamon roll, with its main ingredient from a pumpkin that is nutritious and gives lots of health benefits. It is guilt-free and can be enjoyed by everyone.


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