The human growth hormone is used by many athletes around the world and is considered one of the most popular peptide supplements used in bodybuilding. To buy HGH online is a smart solution to improve your body. The great popularity of HGH is due not only to the fact that it allows you to gain high-quality muscle mass but also to many other functions. For example, among athletes-power athletes, it is famous for preventing various injuries associated with working with large weights. Among bodybuilders, it is popular due to the fat-burning effect and improving the quality of muscle mass. Today, the human growth hormone is as popular for women in sports as it is for men!

What is growth hormone?

HGH, or somatotropin, is one of the most important anabolic hormones in the human body. Its main function, as the name implies, “makes” the body grow. Moreover, it affects not only the muscles but also the skeletal frame of the body and organs.

In the human body, a fairly small amount of this hormone is released at a time. The highest concentrations of this hormone in the body appear in childhood. Peaks in production occur during sleep, as well as the first hour after waking up. Sleep is a signal to the body to start production of this hormone, and this means that lack of sleep can cause a lack of growth hormone. That is why the recommendation to sleep at least 8 hours a day is often found in various sports articles.

This hormone has quite a few functions:

  • It makes the body use fats as energy, leaving glycogen and proteins for anabolic growth of the body;
  • Increases the daily production of insulin by the body, which stimulates protein biosynthesis;
  • Reduces the amount of fatty acids, and also accelerates the processes of lipolysis in the body;
  • Directly accelerates the growth and recovery of joints, cartilage and bone apparatus;
  • It is an effective assistant for arising osteoporosis and negative changes in the body caused by age. With the help of this hormone, the synthesis of collagen, as well as chondroitin sulfate, is enhanced in the body. These substances can cure, and also prevent injuries to joints and bones.
  • Forms collagen, due to which pronounced muscle hypertrophy is achieved;
  • Has a cardiotonic effect;
  • And as mentioned earlier – it increases somatic growth in children.

Why do women need HGH?

Growth hormones for women at can be no less beneficial than for men. Firstly, I want to immediately dismiss the statements that say that this hormone is able to disfigure the female body. It is initially present in the body, and if the correct dosages are observed, it will not only not have a negative effect, but, on the contrary, will improve health. HGH should not be confused with testosterone – they have many differences among themselves.

The growth hormone makes muscles not only more expressive, eliminating fat, but also relieves them of sagging, which occurs due to age-related changes. But do not forget that it also has many other useful properties.

Using this hormone, you can slow down the aging process and tone the body, muscles, organs, and even the skin. Initially, it is a kind of “mixture” of 191 amino acids. This kit allows you to improve the health status of the body in all directions. With it, sleep is normalized, and the body needs less time to rash.

Now let’s summarize so that you can see the full picture of the positive effects for yourself:

  • Growth hormone for girls to dry gives accelerated fat burning without loss of muscle mass;
  • Rejuvenation of the body, improving the appearance and well-being;
  • Accelerated wound healing and recovery from injuries;
  • Increased muscle and overall tone, more strength;
  • A better set of muscle mass, sexual, feminine forms.

Growth hormone course for women

Dosages of HGH in men and women are different. Men have a denser physique and muscle mass, respectively, and they need a little more dosage.

If the hormone enters the body from the outside for a long time, over time, it will cease to produce it independently. And then you have to artificially “enter” this hormone into the body for whole life, to normalize internal processes.


HGH is not a magic potion for your muscles. In fact, it is not the strongest among anabolic hormones, and it does not give a permanent, lasting effect on testosterone. However, when used in optimal dosages and paired with testosterone, it can truly unlock muscle growth potential.


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