Cities have helped to drive real growth in our economy in recent decades. However, they have also become damaging to our health. Traffic and noise pollution are particularly problematic issues which have started to cause real problems for those who work and live within a city environment.

Landscape Protection

In order to combat the health and environmental issues cities present, work is now being undertaken to protect our landscapes. Here, you’ll discover how landscape protection is redefining and protecting our city landscapes.

The use of street furniture

Street furniture is being used to enhance the aesthetics of our cities. Studies have show that city design plays an important factor in society. When street furniture is used, it can really help to enhance the space, making it nicer to relax and enjoy the city landscape.

The use of benches can encourage social interactions, as well as provide a place to rest while shopping. Bins, meanwhile, can enhance the cleanliness of cities. There is also some evidence to suggest that a nice city landscape with adequate street furniture can help to deter anti-social behaviour.

Bollard barriers

Another thing that’s helping to enhance our cities, is bollard barriers. They are available in a huge choice of designs. Largely used for safety purposes, they can also really boost the aesthetics of a city.

A more important feature of these bollards is that they can also be used as an anti-terror measure. Many major cities are incorporating bollard barriers to protect against terrorist attacks. They can help to create walkways too, protecting pedestrians against traffic. It’s impressive how many benefits these simple bollards can provide.

Protecting the greenery in cities

Another benefit of landscape protection is that it is helping to protect the greenery in city areas. One of the key problems with built-up cities is the lack of greenery. By introducing planters and trees, it not only helps to boost the aesthetics of the city, but it also helps the environment. Greenery contributes towards cleaner air too, reducing the effects of air pollution.

These are just some of the ways landscape protection is helping to protect our cities. As global warming becomes more of a threat, adding greenery and protecting our city’s landscapes becomes increasingly important. It is equally as important to protect those living and working within city environments and landscape protection plays a large role in this.


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