How Have You Been Spending Lockdown?


As a consequence of the global COVID-19 pandemic, we have all spent a lot more time at home than we usually would in the past few months. With workplaces, schools and much of the hospitality sector closed, there hasn’t been that much to do to keep us occupied.

That has meant we have had to find things to do. Find new hobbies to keep our minds engaged as we wait for this pandemic blow over at home. Some of us have been learning new skills, others have been getting creative and some have been proactive in fighting the battle against the virus by keeping us safe and looking after those that have fallen sick, requiring medical care.

There are millions of stories that deserved to be told during this time, with everyone’s individual experiences a unique one. Here, we take a look at just some of the things that we have been doing to pass the time.

Redecorating the Home

Many of us have been using the extra time we have at home to renovate our space. After all, if we have to spend almost all day of every day in the same space, it may as well look nice, right? From new kitchens to repainting the bedrooms and going as far as laying artificial grass in the courtyard garden, there has been a wide range of projects carried out during these unprecedented times.

This has been one of the few ways in which some of us have been able to get through each day. Sitting at home and doing nothing isn’t something that sits well with many and neither is that good for our mental health. Without a purpose, which is how millions have been feeling stuck at home (especially without any work to go to for one reason or another), humans can suffer from a lack of motivation which can lead to other issues.


Podcasts had been growing in popularity long before the pandemic started, but once social distancing guidelines were implemented that led to a wave of new podcasters hitting the airwaves. It doesn’t take much to launch your own podcast – all you need is a decent-quality microphone, basic audio editing software (and know how to use it) and an idea. When you have that, you are ready to launch.

Whether you consider yourself to be an expert in the field or not, you can launch your very own podcast and anything you like. If you are a sports fan, talk about sports. If you are a parent, talk about children and family life. You get the idea – whatever you hold a passion for, you can talk about it in the comfort of your home and upload it to the internet. If you get enough people listening, you might just start earning some money through it, but to begin with, you should do it for the enjoyment factor.

Getting Fit

You might have heard the saying, which goes ‘you come out of lockdown fat or fit’. That is because, with the absence of gyms and other sports settings, many have been taking to home workout regimes to keep up their fitness. As well as the usual fitness fanatics, many others have also been using this time to work on their physical fitness now that they have extra time in their day to do so.

As well as improving physical fitness, exercise also helps to improve your mental health through the release of endorphins. As we are living in highly stressful times, anything that we can do to aid our mental health should be encouraged and if that also helps to improve our physical fitness, that is an additional bonus.

There are, of course, many other things that people have been doing during this time, many of which you may have taken up yourself. How ever you have been keeping yourself busy during the pandemic, we encourage you to keep it up. If you are still on the look for a hobby to take up, we hope that this post has been the source of some much-needed inspiration.


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