Granite Sealers: What should you know about it?


Among the natural stones, granite is one of the tough built material. It comes in either pink, gray, or white shade. Though, the color may depend upon the granite mineralogy or composition of mineral in it. So, the color range may also be much more than it. For the past centuries, granite is taken into wide usage. In the current time, the usage is highly increased among the houses built for residential purposes.

The granite stone can be taken into usage for constructing floors, which makes them look stunning. Also, it’s usage is not limited to floors as it is also usable for building countertops of kitchens. For the countertops, it is a perfect material due to the waterproof, stain, and heat resistant features. The material also looks perfect when used in the house walkways or patios.

No doubt, the durability of granite is for the long term. Though, it is needed to ensure that the granite material remains perfect for a longer period. To protect the granite material, you need to find a good granite sealer. With the usage of a perfect sealer for granite material, it increases the durability of it by protecting from water-repellants or stains. With the premium quality of sealer, it is also beneficial in reducing the bacteria present on the surface. This can be an effective way to keep the surface of countertops protected.

Many people have confusion among the concrete and granite sealers. Though both are a different thing. The granite sealer helps protect the surface. The granite sealer should be used regularly for cleaning to reach the most effective results. If you’re not cleaning the surface of granite regularly or as per the required interval, then it is not possible to get rid of the bacteria of stains even by using the most effective sealer.

What are its different types of available granite sealers?

In the range of different granite sealers available in the market, it is a must to select the one which is effective on the natural material or stones. Among the types of sealers available for granite, there are two varieties. For both the varieties, you can avail of the water or oil-based variant. When defining the water and oil-based sealer, there exist some differences. With the usage of oil-based material sealers, there is a chance of odor. Also, oil-based sealers are not good for indoor purposes. With the water-based material sealers, there’s no possibility of odor.

The types of granite sealers include:

  1. Penetrating granite sealers

Among the common sealers available for natural stones, the penetrating sealer is one of them. This sealer works as the best option for using on the granite material. When the sealer is applied to granite, it is absorbed in the surface. By the absorption, it acts as a protective layer of restricting the stains or other substances over the granite surface.


  • Protection against stains of water
  • Not suitable for grease or oil stains
  • Available at an affordable cost
  • Ideal for granite or other patios
  1. Enhancing granite sealers

The enhancing granite sealers do act like penetrating sealer but have one difference. This sealer comes with a natural-enhancing ability. The primary role of enhancing sealers is to form a protective layer around the surface to protect from the stains diminishing the appearance of granite. Also, it is beneficial for enhancing the surface look and maintains its natural appearance.


  • Protection against water spots
  • Enhances the granite appearance
  • Deepens the natural texture of the surface
  • Works as a granite highlighter

What can be regarded as the best sealer for granite surface?

For the best sealer to use on the granite surface, it is a must check the composition. A higher priority is given to the water and resin comprising sealer. Check some features of a perfect granite sealer:

  • Ratio level of 60-40
  • More composition of resin
  • Water composition less than resin

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