An Overview of Electron Beam Evaporation Deposition

An Overview of Electron Beam Evaporation Deposition

Electron beam evaporation deposition is the most common method for depositing thin metal coats onto other materials. This process uses a charged tungsten filament to direct a current of electrons toward another substrate material. Even though it takes a lot of heat to convert metal into gas, the deposition process only takes a few minutes.  … Read more

How Technology can Eliminate Laboratory Errors in Blood Tests

Misdiagnosis can often spell the difference between life and death for many Australians. It can mean a delay in proper treatment, or even a denial that treatment is even necessary. In many cases, these delays can be enormously costly, as they can prevent intervention when it might actually prevent harm, How Technology can Eliminate Laboratory … Read more

The Way Online Communication Changed the World Around Us

Online communication has revolutionized the information space like cars that replaced horse-drawn vehicles at the beginning of the last century. The milestone for the development of electronic social networks was 2004 when the Flickr image-sharing community and the social network Facebook have emerged. Being developed by Harvard University student Mark Zuckerberg, this website is visited … Read more