Windshield Replacement If You Have No Insurance – What You Need to Know

Chipped or cracked windshields are the number one insurance claim in the U.S. and Arizona. Our climate, the seemingly endless construction, and rocks, gravel, and debris alongside our roadways make Arizona the leading state in the country for windshield repairs. So, if nature, and the vehicle in front of you conspire to damage your windshield, … Read more

What Should You Know About the Forklift-License Renewal Program?


The industrial workplace has several inherent risks that may result in injuries. And injuries from accidents that occur during forklift operation is common. Although a forklift is handy equipment to move bulky items around the workspace, improper handling and maintenance can result in fatal accidents. Forklift accidents are a frequent occurrence in the US that … Read more

How does the Mercedes Extended Warranty service benefit investors? 

Buying a new vehicle must be an exhilarating experience; however, one must not ignore thinking about its warranty. It is the trust and loyalty that the extended warranties build with the clients that enable them to pull off their sales processes and other complicated procedures productively. It is through the unreliable trust that customers have … Read more