You know that providing essential nutrients to make your soil healthy is critical and in return, the grass grows stronger. You also know that the lawn grass will need more nitrogen than any other plant.

You dig through and find out that blood meal is the organic way to increase the nitrogen levels in the soil. Great job!

Providing necessary nutrients and nitrogen helps your soil to be fertile for a long time.

In this post, we are going to be discussing about the Burpee Organic Blood Meal Fertilizer, what is a blood meal fertilizer, why it is used in lawns, vegetable/fruit gardens and much more.

So without anymore delay, let’s get started!

What is a Blood Meal Fertilizer?

Before we get into reviewing the Burpee Organic Blood Meal Fertilizer, it is important that you know about what is a blood meal fertilizer.

The name itself says about it. A blood meal is a dried animal blood that comes in a powder form. Typically, the cow blood is taken to prepare a blood meal fertilizer.

But it can be any animal’s blood that goes through the meat packing plant. Usually, the blood is collected after killing the animal.

Once the process is over, the entire blood is dried, made into a powder and finally packed. Since the animal blood is high in nitrogen, the blood meal is used for gardening related activities.

It is good for your lawn and any other garden plant.

Why is Blood Meal Fertilizer used in a Lawn/garden?

As we’ve mentioned, the blood meal contains more nitrogen and it is the organic fertilizer for your garden. Adding nitrogen to your garden will help your soil to be highly fertile and aids your plants and grass to grow lush, beautiful and green. Blood meal also helps the soil in increasing its acid levels, and if you have plants that require soil with low Ph level and higher acid quantity, the blood meal will be highly beneficial.

One thing you need to be careful is that since blood meal is a highest concentrated form of nitrogen, you need to follow the instruction diligently in the package when applying the one you’ve purchased. When you feed too much nitrogen to your soil, it will prevent your plants and grass from growing naturally and at worst case, burn and kill them.

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Review of the Burpee Organic Blood Meal Fertilizer

Now that you know about these important aspects, let’s get into reviewing the Burpee Organic Blood Meal Fertilizer.

Burpee Organic Blood Meal Fertilizer Complete Review

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This blood meal fertilizer comes in 3pound package. You will be able to grow stronger plants thanks to its naturally concentrated nitrogen.

It is an excellent starter fertilizer with natural nitrogen concentration. So whether you are using it in a green garden, your lawn or in your flower pots, the Burpee Organic Blood Meal Fertilizer will be highly effective.

It helps your plants and grass to grow healthier throughout the growing season. If you have a vegetable or a fruit garden, you will see growth for the entire growth season on a consistent basis.

This is an organic fertilizer and it is certified by OMRI. What it means is that it is good to use in garden and lawn. You won’t see any side affect whatsoever even though this blood meal is concentrated highly in nitrogen. It is specially formulated for using in vegetable/fruit garden and lawn.

It supports soil health and keeps it fertile for a long time. Unlike other nitrogen concentrated blood meal types, it supports micro organisms in the soil.

The readily available nitrogen is a major factor that keeps the micro organisms within the soil and helps your garden produce tasty and healthy fruits and vegetables. It also helps your lawn to grow lush green and beautiful.

The Burpee Organic Blood Meal Fertilizer serves as an effective pest control. The smell of blood keeps the animals and birds that feed on your garden’s vegetables and fruits out of sight. And if you use this fertilizer in your lawn, it keeps the insects away as well.

If you are planning to apply this blood meal, make sure to follow the package instructions on the amount to use and other particulars.

Manufacturers of this blood meal provide 100% guaranty in its effectiveness. Also, you will get the product in excellent condition.

From the above information, it is clear that we can trust the Burpee Organic Blood Meal Fertilizer, and you wouldn’t be disappointed at all!

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We hope that our guide would have provided you with a clear overview of the Burpee Organic Blood Meal Fertilizer and why you need to use it in your garden and lawn to see quality results.

If your soil lacks nitrogen, then this is the best blood meal to go for.

Want to include your thoughts about this guide, put them in the comments section below!

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