There are so many options available in the market when it comes to organic fertilizers. And you also have so much variety in this category as well.

It’ll be confusing and sometimes frustrating to choose the right fertilizer for your garden.

These days, even organic fertilizers come with additives. So if you are looking to purchase a fertilizer that is free from additives, no worries. We’ve got a perfect solution for you!

In this post, we are going to discuss in-depth about the Dr Earth organic herb fertilizer, types of organic fertilizers, benefits of using them and so much more.

So without anymore delay, let’s jump straight into it!

Types of Organic Fertilizers

Before we start reviewing the Dr Earth organic herb fertilizer, it is important that you know the types of organic fertilizers you’ll find in the market. This will actually help you decide on which organic fertilizer to purchase according to the climate you have in your area and the garden needs.

Having said that, here’s the list of the types of organic fertilizers.

  • Manure: It is derived from cow dung and goat droppings. Both these organic matters are rich in nitrogen.
  • Compost: The organic matters are decomposed in a certain mechanism to make compost. The organic matters used to create compost are vegetable and animal wastages.
  • Rock phosphate: This is a sedimentary rock that is full of phosphate mineral. It is generally used to increase the phosphorous levels in the soil.
  • Chicken litter: This fertilizer is prepared with chicken manure and sawdust. It contains high levels of potassium and nitrogen.
  • Bone meal: It is made of slaughterhouse waste products such as animal bones. It is a very good resource for phosphorous, amino acids and nitrogen.
  • Vermicompost: This fertilizer is created using organic matters degradation through several types of worms. The organic matter you will mostly find in a vermicompost is food waste.
  • Blood meal: The name itself suggests that it is created through animal blood. In a meat packing plant, the animal blood is collected, made into a powder by drying it up and then packed. Just like the bone meal, it is high in nitrogen content.

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Benefits of Using Organic Fertilizers

  • The soil fertility and structure is improved and kept intact for a long time.
  • The micro organisms present in the soil will thrive by utilizing organic matter of the fertilizer.
  • Usage of organic fertilizer is sustainable and it is environment friendly as well.
  • Reduce the need for extra fertilizers and pesticides.
  • You won’t experience plant damage.

Review of the Dr Earth Organic Herb Fertilizer

Dr Earth Organic Herb Fertilizer Complete Review

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This fertilizer comes in 4pounds package. It produces high-quality fruits and vegetables that are rich in nutrient and taste. It also produces them abundantly so that you can make use of them all year long.

It provides essential plant nutrients and basically avoids the need to purchase chemical fertilizers. When you use the Dr Earth organic herb fertilizer as per the instructions given in the package, you’ll see the above results consistently. It has 8 carefully curated ecto and endo mycorrhizae that help your plants to tolerate drought, significant availability of nutrients and improve plant performance.

The Dr Earth organic herb fertilizer is organic and natural. The critical plant nutrients are released efficiently whenever needed and it feeds for a considerable amount of time. This in turn produces consistent and superior quality vegetables and fruits.

This fertilizer not only contains natural ingredients, but also has probiotics for rapid and healthy growth for your plants. It is an excellent fertilizer to use for planting both trees and vegetable plants. After a few weeks of applying it, you will see wonderful results.

The Dr Earth organic herb fertilizer isn’t formulated with GMOs, chicken manure or sewage sludge. The manufacturers guaranty that it is made of 100% natural ingredients.

With all these aspects, the fertilizer is easy to use, and the garden owners will love it for sure! The only downside to the Dr Earth organic herb fertilizer is that the sent is a bit too strong.

So if you are looking for a fertilizer that is completely organic and provides super value for your money, then this is the best one to go for.


We hope that our guide about the Dr Earth organic herb fertilizer would have given you all the details you are looking for. Usually, the price of organic fertilizers are costly, so keep your budget, your garden needs and the climate condition of your area before choosing one.

Want to add your thoughts about this guide? Right away in the comments section below!

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