Whether you are a professional bartender or chef, or simply in need of some fresh fruit juice in your home kitchen, choosing the right and best lemon squeezers requires some careful research.

The following video educates you to squeeze a lemon perfectly.

Lemon Squeezers are the important kitchen utensil. Drinking some fresh lemon juice at the hot time will relax your mind and also has lots of healthy benefits.

Although a lemon squeezer is a fairly affordable kitchen utensil, buyers want to be sure to get the best model for their dollar.

The type and durability of the lemon squeezer dictates both the price and the results a consumer can expect. Are you looking for a heavy-duty squeezer that will be used frequently, or are you looking for a simple addition to your kitchen?

lemon squeezer

Consumers should also consider what they want most out of a lemon squeezer.

Some squeezers are better designed for larger or smaller fruits. Others feature comfortably coated handles with ergonomic designs.

Many modern squeezers feature slick, professional designs while others are smaller, more compact, and easily fit in kitchen drawers.

Here is a guide to the top 10 rated and best selling lemon squeezers on the market.

How to use a lemon squeezer ?

10 Best Lemon Squeezer Reviews:

1. Lime-Lemon Squeezer by Delightful Chef

lemon squeezer

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The Delightful Chef lime-lemon squeezer models an innovative design that makes squeezing lemons, limes, and other small citrus fruits a breeze. Its stainless steel and ergonomic handles offer the ultimate in comfort during the squeezing process by providing proper leverage. This design prevents hand pain and fatigue while capturing every last drop of fresh fruit juice.


· Constructed with FDA approved 304 18/10 stainless steel, the Delightful Chef lime-lemon squeezer can withstand rust, corrosion, and deterioration.

· Unlike plastic and aluminum squeezers, the Delightful Chef lime-lemon squeezer is not made with rubber or silicone that can cause product damage over time.

· This lemon squeezer can take on the biggest lemons and produce the amount of fruit juice the consumer desires.


· The lack of rubber coating on the handles may make this lemon squeezer tough to operate and can cause some discomfort, especially for operators with hand weaknesses or arthritis.

9. Black+Decker JE2200B 400-Watt Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor with Custom Cup

lemon squeezer

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Black+Decker offers the 400-Watt Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor, a black, smooth model that boasts stainless steel blades and a high quality strainer. These elements separate seeds and pulp from lemons, oranges, and even vegetables. The stainless steel cutter and strainer are propelled by 400 watts of power and the juice is easily captured in the included 300-milliliter pitcher.


· Featuring a 28-ounce pulp collector, the Black+Decker Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor allows the consumer to dictate how much pulp to have in a freshly squeezed cup of juice.

· This juicer also has safety features, including an easy on/off motorized switch and a dual safety lock mechanism for safety purposes.

· The squeezer has removable and dishwasher safe parts; the stainless steel blades and strainer are dishwasher safe.


· The Black+Decker’s smaller unit may not be ideal for heavy use. Fruit and vegetables need to be fed slowly into the machine to prevent and clogs or jams.

8. Best Choice Pro Commercial Manual Lemon Fruit Juicer

lemon squeezer

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Sporting a smooth, industrial look, the Best Choice Pro Commercial Manual Lemon Fruit Juicer commands attention and professionalism. This best lemon squeezer is an excellent option for restaurants and super markets, as well as home kitchens.


· This fruit juicer features a stainless steel strainer for the easy elimination of pulp and seeds.

· The squeezer has an extra wide cast iron base accompanied by a durable iron handle and connector.

· The juicer is easy to clean with a removable cup.


· Due to its size, the Best Choice Pro Manual Lemon Fruit Juicer may tip forward during use.

· The squeezer’s handle is made of iron but does not have a rubberized end, which can make operation of the juicer uncomfortable or painful.

· Depending on the size and amount of citrus fruit being squeezed, the press cup in this system might not be large enough for the job, resulting in wasted fruit.

7. New Star Foodservice 46878 Commercial Citrus Juicer, Enameled Black

lemon squeezer

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New Star Foodservice’s commercial citrus juicer provides class with professional quality. Made of stainless steel and cast iron, this squeezer provides a quick, clean process for extracting the most juice possible out of lemons, lines, oranges, and other fruits.


· The suction feet on the heavy base provide a longer handle and more stability for easier use.

· The rubberized, ergonomic handle can withstand 2,300 pounds per square inch.

· This squeezer features dishwasher safe funnel parts and a detachable cone.

· The New Star Foodservice juicer takes the pain and difficulty out of squeezing lemons and other fruits.


· It does have a large, somewhat bulky frame, which can cause the juicer to tilt up at times when the handle is pushed down.

· The sleek, industrial style of this squeezer may not fit with many kitchen decors.

6. #1 Lemon Squeezer by UrbanBasics

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The UrbanBasics lemon squeezer, made with durable stainless steel, features a heavy-duty single press system. The squeezer features an extra large and wide size to accommodate larger-sized lemons and other citrus fruits with a larger than average bowl.


· Bright orange silicone handle covers guarantee that they won’t be forgotten or misplaced around the kitchen.

· The stainless steel used in this product helps to prevent rusting and pitting, ensuring many years’ of safe and secure use.

· Due to the larger size of the UrbanBasics squeezer, the handles’ hinges are reinforced and accompany exceptionally resilient levers.

· The squeezer itself is easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and stores easily anywhere in the kitchen.


· While the extra large size of this juicer may be attractive to some consumers, the widened size can make squeezing smaller fruits a frustrating experience as they are harder to place in the wide bowl for fully squeezed fruit juices.

5. Chef’n FreshForce Lemon Citrus Juicer

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Designed in a bright, cheerful color, the Chef’n FreshForce Citrus Juicer is perfect for squeezing lemons, limes, and other small citrus fruits. It is one among the best lemon squeezers right now in 2020.


· This system produces up to 20 percent more juice than competitive squeezers due to its dual-gear mechanism.

· This innovative juicer helps to prevent hand pain and fatigue as well as allow for more pressing power.

· It is made of resilient stainless steel and nylon to ensure years of productive use.

· The Chef’n FreshForce lemon juicer is easy to hand clean and is dishwasher safe.


· Because it is a smaller lemon squeezer, the Chef’n FreshForce may end up wasting some fruit juice if used with larger lemons and limes.

· Despite its smaller size, it can still be bulky and difficult to store.

· Exerting too much force on the handles of this product can cause it to malfunction, warp, or break off entirely.

4. Yaheetech Hand Press Manual Fruit Juice Squeezer

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The Yaheetech Hand Press Manual Fruit Juice Squeezer is sleek and modern in style, with a strong stainless steel strainer to catch and separate seeds and pulp. This cast iron model features an extra wide iron base and a manual juice extractor that works well with lemons, pomegranates, limes, and other small citrus fruits.


· Made by food grade stainless steel, this model is a safe and healthy choice for a lemon squeezer.

· Easy to clean and operate, the Yaheetech squeezer has a light, lengthy handle and a strong, stable base.

· This squeezer has a quiet rubber handle stop to relieve pressure on the hands during the squeezing process.


· Due to the structure and weight of this squeezer, it can sometimes tip forward when the squeezer handle is pressed down.

· Smaller fruits might be more difficult to squeeze in this machine due to its size.

3. Willence Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer

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In bright stainless steel, the Willence lemon squeezer adds a touch of class to any kitchen. Featuring an optimal bowl size, this squeezer’s heavy iron casting and reliable ergonomic handles come with a lifetime guarantee. This best lemon squeezer is comfortable to use and easy to clean. The manufacturer recommends that the bowl be rinsed thoroughly between uses with water and a mild soap to prevent discoloration associated with citrus juices


· This squeezer is resistant to chips, rust, scratching, peeling, and other damage associated with citrus juice corrosion.

· As an added bonus, the Willence lemon squeezer comes with a ceramic paring knife to help in fruit preparations before the squeezing process begins.


· The size of the Willence lemon squeezer can work against it as smaller citrus fruits may be more challenging to squeeze.

· The bowl on the Willence squeezer does not feature as many holes as some other juicers, and this may be a drawback for some consumers.

2. Jumbo Lemon Squeezer by Mediterranean Ways

lemon squeezer

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The Mediterranean Ways jumbo lemon squeezer boasts an extra wide bowl that outpaces the bowls found on most other juicers and squeezers. Able to handle most lemons, limes, and oranges, this squeezer has a 13-hole design that provides more juice than standard 7-hole squeezers. Made of stainless steel, this squeezer is one of the largest and sturdiest models available on the market that can tackle all sizes of citrus fruits.


· The Mediterranean Ways lemon squeezer avoids the pitfalls of its many large competitors as the model is neither bulky nor awkward.

· It has no moving parts that can break or snap off.

· The squeezer is easy to hand wash or place in the dishwasher for quick cleaning and agile enough to be stored in a kitchen drawer.


· While ideal for lemon squeezing, the Mediterranean Ways squeezer may not work as well for other citrus fruits as the handle may bend in the squeezing process and the bowl may not contain all the juice as its squeezed.

1. Bellemain Premium Quality Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer with Silicone Handles

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The Bellemain lemon squeezer provides a large bowl size, additional reinforced hinges, durable levers, and thick casting to provide professional lemon and citrus squeezing results. This squeezer features heavily formed, silicone coated handles that absorb pressure and allow for a strong, steady, pain-free grip for operators.


· The stainless steel used in the Bellemain best lemon squeezers is alloy-based, just like eating utensils, providing high quality and safety.

· It is designed to be durable and long-lasting, preventing scratches and rust from occurring with use over time.

· This squeezer is simple to clean, and can be either rinsed and handwashed or placed in the dishwasher.

· The Bellemain lemon squeezer’s nesting bowls extract all juice from the lemons with one smooth plier motion.


· The Bellemain squeezer’s comfortable handles come at a cost as the handles may exhibit some flexibility during the squeezing process.

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These best selling lemon squeezers price depending on the size and strength of the models. Professional quality lemon squeezers will garner a higher price as these models need to withstand constant use over long periods of time. Smaller lemon squeezer models are more inexpensive as to reflect their moderate sizes and less need for constant functionality within a home kitchen.

lemon squeezer

Consumers who are looking for comfort during the squeezing process should pay particular attention to handles associated with the above rated lemon squeezers. People with weaker, arthritic, or more sensitive hands may wish to purchase a squeezer with coated handles. Individuals with excellent hand strength may not consider the handles a top priority in determining which lemon squeezer they purchase.

Ultimately, fruit squeezers and juicers are designed to extract the most juice possible from the fruit provided. Larger lemons, limes, tomato cherries, or oranges are best squeezed in a lemon squeezer that has a larger sized bowl with a larger number of holes within it. This design should provide an easy fruit squeezing experience that provides the best results.

Smaller lemons and other citrus fruits are best squeezed in lemon squeezers that feature smaller bowls. Attempting to squeeze smaller fruits in larger squeezer bowls can result in frustration, a waste of fruit juice, and a mess all over the kitchen counter. Consumers should consider what size fruits they use most often before purchasing a lemon squeezer.

The best lemon squeezer depending on what the consumer values most in the machine can help keep the bar hopping, can add some extra zing to a restaurant meal, and can hit the spot with a tall glass of freshly squeezed lemonade on a hot summer day.

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