If you have noticed, it is increasingly common to see people vaping on the streets. This is a sign that, in the face of the great initial ignorance about electronic cigarettes, the world of vaping is normalized and people are no longer seen as weirdoes.

The Dangers of Vaping - A Look Behind the Headlines

But in addition to this, the really interesting thing is that people are more informed about vaping. In this post, we discuss some of the main differences between smoking and vaping, analyzing their pros and cons.

First steps in the electronic cigarette or vaporizer? Welcome! This starting guide to the electronic cigarette is intended to introduce you to the electronic cigarette or vaporizer. Many terms could be detailed, but it is better to start with the basics so that you do the first experiments without too much information.

Smoking Or Vaping?

We start with the most fundamental: the substance that is inhaled

With the traditional cigarette, what is inhaled is a smoke that is born from the combustion of hundreds of substances and additives that make up tobacco. While in the case of the vaper, the steam that is produced by heating the so-called vaping liquid is inhaled.

This liquid undergoes an evaporation process that does not give rise to harmful substances in the atmosphere that can affect the people around them. The smoke emitted by the cigar is even more harmful than the smoke exhaled by the smoker.

Another notable difference the taste. As you know, the e-liquids do not contain tar, ammonia or other components that are harmful to health. Although there is tobacco flavor, the reality is that the vapers only contain liquids: fruity, sweet, fresh, of absolutely everything you can imagine!

Advantages Of Vaping

After highlighting the basics that differentiate vaping and smoking, we will briefly detail some of the vaping benefits you should know.

Say Goodbye To Toxic Substances Bad For Your Health!

Some vape kits contain nicotine which serves to quench the withdrawal syndrome that is generated when you quit smoking. This A starter kit helps you to take the first steps in electronic cigarettes since they are easier to use and choose.

The idea is to start vaping with nicotine, but gradually stopping it. Many of the starter kits do not even indicate their power hence the electronic cigarette cannot be regulated. The approximate ranges offered by the different products are 20-40W. Nicotine is an addictive alkaloid which increases the blood pulse and can lead to heart risk.

Recovery Of Smell And Sense Of Taste

It’s like rediscovering smells and flavors, what a joy!

Improved And Fresh Breath

You will speak without fearing that your breath will stink. You’ll no longer need gum or candy to freshen your breath

Whiter Teeth

Over time, the tobacco darkens and yellows the teeth. Yes, there are teeth whitening procedures, but with vaping, you can maintain healthy teeth and avoid going through the dentist from time to time.

Do you have your own experiences with vaping? Please share it with us in the comment section. We would love to hear from you.


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