Benefits of Using QR Codes

Educators use different tools in their pursuit to teach. With the growth of QR codes, the technology has become one of those.

Though, they have created a much bigger impact in education than anybody would have expected. And for good reasons, QR codes bring a lot of benefits to the education sector, making them a necessity.

Benefits of Using QR Codes in Education

Among the things that technology brings to the table are:

1. Saying Goodbye to Long Web Addresses

Everything has gone online today and that includes learning materials. It is not unusual for educators to ask students to go to a website. While landing pages may be easy to type, having them go to a specific article or page will involve a lot of random characters. To say the least, it is not the most convenient thing to do.

That has been eliminated with QR codes. With a scan of the code, students can reach the website that the teacher wants them to find. And all it takes is a split second.

2. Mistake-Proof

When you ask a student to go to a website or find an article, one of the things he will do is go to Google and search for it. Unfortunately, it won’t show what he needs, but instead, a wide array of similar results. So, it is fairly easy to find the wrong one, and before you know it, you are not on the same page with your student.

With QR codes, you no longer have to ask your students to make a search. Simply flash them the image and they will be brought to the website they need to reach. No mistakes and no miscommunication.

3. Saves Time

Put all the previous benefits together and you have another, time-saver. QR codes make everything easier and straightforward, allowing for things to be done in a lesser time and with no disruptions.

Plus, QR codes can be put anywhere and left there for your students to use. You don’t necessarily have to use a new one for every occasion. So, not only does it save time during class, but also for you as well.

4. New Ways to Interact and Engage

Regardless of the age of your students, they always need something new. Do something the same way all the time and they are bound to get bored and take your class for granted.

With QR codes, there is a wide array of options to keep your class engaged. You can do a scanning game wherein different content pops up depending on how many times the image has been scanned. Also, you can link a QR code to a game and show it to your students in the middle of a class.

If you can think of it, then it is possible to do. The sky’s the limit with QR codes. They are a tool that allows you to do a lot of things and that means you can do something new and unique with your class every day.

5. QR Codes are Easy to Make

Unlike any other learning tool, QR codes are easy to make. There is no learning curve and it is as fast a few clicks of a button.

As a matter of fact, there are only two things you need. The first is the content you are going to link to your QR code. It can be a URL, image, or audio. Then, the second would be the QR code generator online.

You only have to input your content and then generate your QR code. Since it is so easy, it doesn’t take much of your time, making it a sustainable tool to use in your everyday classes.

6. Flexible and Versatile Functionality

Most of the benefits mentioned all revolve around using QR codes in teaching. However, that is not where its use ends.

You can use the technology beyond teaching and that is where it gets even better. For example, you can make checking for attendance easier and faster with the use of a Google Form QR code. Instead of manually calling names, you can scan your student’s QR codes as they enter the classroom.

In terms of online exams, you can use a QR code to deliver the exam link. You can then track where and when a QR code has been scanned.

These are just among the other functions QR codes can be used in education. Though, with its flexibility, there are a lot more. It all depends on what comes in your mind.

QR Codes are Valuable in Education

They may come in small and simple images, but QR codes bring a lot to the table. So much that it can be hard to resist them when you have started using them.

Not using QR codes is a huge loss. It makes everything easier, faster, and more effective as an educator. And who can resist any of that? To say the least, QR codes are not just tools in education, but more of a necessity.

To enjoy these benefits, you can start revamping your classroom information relaying system by choosing the best QR code generator like QRTiger to create your QR codes.

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