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We are being affected by the influence of the fourth Industrial Revolution at the moment, which means we will enjoy some of the great technological advancements in the upcoming years! The latest release from Samsung, Galaxy S23 Ultra pushes the limits of mobile networks and forces all the companies in the niche to stay on track and follow the latest technology perks. What can we expect from 2023? Will it beat this year in terms of technology trends? Let’s see what 2023 brings to the table!

5g 3


Some service platforms already use the “prototype” of a complex AI system that could handle everything instead of us. The industry progresses so fast that even writing a countless number of Craft Resumes would be a piece of cake for a good AI system. The AI responds to all customer’s messages and handles requests. Artificial Intelligence replaces human action while eliminating human problems like fatigue or the need for sleep. We just have to wait for Machine Learning to get perfected.

AI driving

Tesla cars have gone already far, but the concept of autonomous driving is totally something new that we see in movies mostly. Waymo already produced a self-driving taxi that transported more than 6,000 people in the first 30 days. It normally drives and even changes the lanes if needed. What is even more interesting to say is that these AI self-driving cars will influence the law and require changes. It will influence even social opinions and infrastructure.

5G Network

The new concept of mobile connectivity is right at the threshold that allows you bigger downloads and uploads! Even though 5G is currently available in most of the bigger cities, commercial use is still limited. However, things are going to change. This means that the network we know at the moment, especially when it comes to Wi-Fi networks, will be an obsolete one and all cities will change their network infrastructure. As the network bandwidth is going to increase, we will be able to enjoy self-driving taxis, robots that print out cards, and super-fast computers that process data.

Personalized healthcare

Each patient has its own file, of course, but would not be cool to wear a smartwatch that could predict a headache and treat it before it starts? Or to get more personalized medicine for your condition instead of getting the generic drugs that also treat many other things? This increases productivity and effectiveness a lot. Doctors, with the help of AI, will determine what your reaction would be on some medication. The concept of predictive and personalized healthcare will not only save many lives but will also extend treatment programs and plans.

Computer Assisted Vision

There is already an application that recognized shapes or images, but the CAS will take the AI concept to the next level. Handwriting recognition, finding defective elements in the production, and Face ID Recognition are just some of the examples that prove how computer-assisted vision will improve our lives. It makes everything easier, more convenient, and faster. While it is a fantastic technology perk, it may drag some social attention that could point out the privacy problems. Still, it is a great concept that would help a lot and make everything more convenient.


The blockchain bubble, even though it exploded, could be the new strategy for efficient transactions, record keeping, and many other aspects where security is imperative. The decentralized nature is very likely to attract even more companies in the whole story, as FedEx, IBM, MasterCard, and a few other companies continued the investment. Smart contracts will change everything. Once the digital ledger becomes a normal thing for an employee to discuss, we will see its true potential of it. Some people still find it unreliable and suspicious, but that is going to change as soon as they realize that is not possible to steal and extract data from the Blockchain ecosystem.

3D Printing:

3d Printing is also called as additive manufacturing. It is the process of making three-dimensional objects from a digital file. By using computer control there is a variety of processes like material is joined, deposited, and solidified with the material being added together such as plastics or liquids layer by layer. Nowadays 3D printing ia akey trend in innovation and technology. Biomedical & industrial sectors are using 3D printing more and more. In healthcare sector lots of jobs available for 3d printing. So, in upcoming years 3D printing is the technology to watchout.

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Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a twin brother of AI as it helps it to repeat something once it sees action for the first time. Neural networks and deep learning already created complex study programs that will pay off in the future. These networks can be trained so they could work alone. Once you train your NN to recognize a triangle on an image, it will be able to recognize the shape in more than 95% of the cases. A human can be under the influence, which might influence his overall decision, while the neural network cannot.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA is the mix of AI and ML that automates every single process in the industry. From repetitive tasks to 100% precise welding actions – robots will replace the human arm. This means some jobs will disappear. Less than 5% of the occupations can be fully automated, while some 60% will not be automated completely. Robotics and mechatronics will exclude some jobs from the job list, but will also cut down the overall expenses and increase productivity.

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VR and AR

While Virtual Reality takes a user into the virtual environment, Augmented Reality enhances the present environment where the user is. There is an app VirtualShip that the U.S. Navy used for training captains. You see the point. AR allows you to simulate the environment, like Holodeck in the Star Trek series, while VR gets you in the created world, to say. The whole concept of VR and AR is significant due to its entertainment, marketing, and educational potential, and companies like Google and Oculus embraced its significance with both hands.

Digital Identities

The concept of digital identity is somehow spooky to a lot of people, as the Government can access your profile any time they want. Still, this saves the agency a lot of time and resources in every way, but the problem with security and general citizens’ rights is a whole new subject. The population has a Big Brother-like feeling once the digital identity story starts. Still, it would be nice to use a face scan to pass the customs at an airport, instead of waiting in a long line to scan your passport and answer some questions from a customs officer.

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