A Guide to Becoming an Industry Expert

If you want to flourish in your role throughout the years, earn the respect of your peers and enjoy a superb income, you must continually grow your knowledge and skillset. There is always a new subject to master, a tactic to try, or a goal to complete.

After many years of experience in your sector, you might be wondering how you can advance your career, gain more experience, and position yourself as a leader in your field.

Read this in-depth guide to becoming an industry expert.

Take a Course

It does not matter if you have been working in an industry for five or fifty years, there is always something new to learn. If you want to become the best in your field, you must make time for education to grow your skills and experience.

By doing so, you can make more informed decisions in your field, which could support your career and help an organization flourish.

Marymount University is a prime example, as it provides fantastic online courses to help nursing professionals expand their knowledge, skills, and education. 

For example, if you are a registered nurse with a 3.0 MSN GPA, you can enroll in an online Post-Master’s Certificate program (PMC FNP) to become a family nurse practitioner.

As a result, you can build on your expertise to optimize patient care, maintain ethical standards, and master various healthcare technologies. It can help you reach your career potential, build on your reputation, and increase standards across an organization.

Commit to Life-Long Learning

As mentioned, there is always something new to learn in a sector, which is why you must commit to learning throughout your career.

In addition to taking courses to advance your skills, you must:

Get Published

If you have enjoyed many years in an industry, you likely have much knowledge to pass on to others. 

Rather than keeping your experience and mistakes top-secret, share them with the world to help others, while highlighting your talent and experience.

Aim to publish articles in newspapers, trade journals, or popular industry websites to secure a large audience.

Commit to writing many articles across different platforms, which can help you build a strong personal brand that could earn you respect from people across your field.

Act Like an Expert

If you want to establish yourself as an expert, you will need to act like one.

Despite your skills and experience, you might sit back and allow others to take the spotlight. 

If so, it is time to stop. Have confidence in your knowledge, experience, and ability by speaking up at a meeting, participating in team chats, and volunteering to deliver presentations.

Do not be afraid to share tips, discuss new techniques, or present your ideas, which could earn you much respect from your superiors, peers, or subordinates.

If you believe in yourself, others will believe in your skills and knowledge.

Mentor a Rising Star

Mentorship does not only benefit a young professional, it could provide you with various benefits as well.

You will not only feel a sense of pride helping a rising star in your organization, but you can earn the respect of others by helping a young professional advance in their career.

What is more, their inexperience and fresh approach could help you gain a new perspective on your industry. 

Plus, you will gain a trusted ally and they will likely happily lend a helping hand when you need it.

So, share your knowledge, failure, and career advice to help a young professional rise through the ranks. 

Keep Updated on Industry Trends

If you want to stand out as an expert in your field, you must stay updated on the latest industry trends.

If you fail to follow the newest technologies, the latest tactics or monitor upcoming regulatory changes, you might fall behind your peers.

Ensure you are not left behind by reading many articles, attending industry events, and networking with people across your field. 

Start Public Speaking

Position yourself as an authority in your industry by signing up for public speaking opportunities.

For example, you could join an industry panel at an event as a subject matter expert, deliver informative seminars, or give a powerful speech at a conference.

While the thought of public speaking might be a little scary, it will add to your experience in the sector and improve your reputation.

Try to secure a public speaking gig next to other successful speakers to align yourself with their expertise.

If you fear talking in front of a large audience, take a public speaking class to improve your confidence, voice projection, and crowd engagement.

Appear on an Industry Podcast

Many people across your industry will listen to podcasts to discover new ideas, stay updated on trends, and find experts in a field.

If you believe you have many tips to share, reach out to a podcast host to pitch why you would make a great guest.

For example, you might have in-depth knowledge on a subject, a different perspective on a tactic, or experienced a failure that people can learn from in their careers.

The podcast appearance could raise your profile and showcase your knowledge, as you could connect with a large audience across your industry.

It may even lead to additional media opportunities that could increase your reputation and respect, which will support your career.


Establishing yourself as an expert can take time, much hard work, and perseverance.

You will not only need to secure opportunities to raise your profile, but you will need the knowledge and experience to stand out at an event, impress in a publication, or grab people’s attention on a podcast.

For this reason, you must make a commitment to life-long learning, which means enrolling in courses, reading industry articles, trying new tactics, and networking with others.

If you are willing to learn and can keep an open mind throughout your career, you can guarantee your hard work and effort will pay off in the long term.

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