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A Complete Guide to Replacement Glass for Coffee Table

No matter how you maintain it and take safety measures for its protection, a glass tabletop will have to be replaced at some point. When talking about a glass coffee table, the replacement is certain. There are many unexpected mishaps that may happen with the glass, damaging the surface of a glass tabletop.

Complete Guide to Replacement Glass for Coffee Table

However, the replacement process can be a bit tricky as glass is fragile and can break easily.

Thus, to help you deal with the replacement process effectively, we have put together this complete guide of replacement glass for the coffee table.

What are the Various Reasons for a Glass Coffee Table to Be Replaced?

As mentioned earlier, there are myriad ways in which a glass top on your coffee table can suffer damage. You can be the most cautious person when it comes to using your coffee table. But even that may not be enough. Scratches and jagged edges of various kinds will appear at some point.

Below are some common ways in which your coffee tabletop is likely to suffer damage, and thus be replaced.

  • Scratches due to contact with metals, stones, and other hard materials. Natural wear and tear might also result in a few abrasions.
  • “Chipping” at the corners. This is especially possible when you are shifting homes and moving your furniture.
  • Cracks result from a lack of sufficient support or improper attachment with other parts of the table.
  • Accidental shattering or cracking of the glass top. This often happens when the glass is too thin for a coffee table that is frequently used.
  • You may just wish to replace the glass on the coffee table for a new, aesthetic look.

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Should You Repair or Replace the Glass of the Coffee Table?

We know this can be a major conundrum when tending to your coffee table. It is no fun having to use a coffee table whose glass top has clearly visible cracks and scratches. In fact, they are nothing less than an eyesore. So, what should you do?

That will ultimately depend on the severity of the damage. It is good to have a proactive approach rather than a reactive one. We would even suggest consulting a professional when you see the first signs of a tiny scuff — act straight away instead of waiting until the damage becomes more severe. Otherwise, you may have to deal with a completely shattered tabletop if you let things fester.

Glass repair can be a complicated matter. It might even be more costly than getting a brand-new glass top. This is especially the case if you have an antique or vintage coffee table in your home. Getting a professional to repair their tabletops will be not only a better choice but also a sensible one.

Also, you won’t be able to find a good enough replacement glass top for an antique table that easily. On the other hand, it is better and easier to have the glass top replaced for more common types of coffee tables.

There are some DIY glass repairing techniques involving nail polish and toothpaste that you could employ if the damage isn’t severe enough.

However, you have to be really cautious with them and we are certainly not going to recommend those in this complete guide to replacement glass for coffee table.

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Replacing Your Glass Table Top with New Glass

There are a few things to look at when replacing the old and battered glass top on your coffee table. These have to do with the shape and dimensions of the glass as well as the material the table is made from.

Before you pick up the phone and get in touch with a vendor to order a new piece of glass, be very sure of all the features. The dimensions and thickness must be spot on. At the very least, they must be accurate to 1/8th of an inch. Otherwise, the glazier will get the wrong info and deliver you an inadequate piece of new glass.

Once these have been penned down, clearly communicate the color that you want. Bronze and gray are commonly in use. Also, clarify whether you want clear, sandblasted, or frosted glass. For the edges, most people prefer a pencil, flat-polish, or beveled edge. In case you have a table in which the top fills into a groove, then your decision will obviously depend on the shape of that groove.

We have written this complete guide of replacement glass for a coffee table to give you the best possible advice, which is why we recommend that you go for tempered glass for your coffee tabletop. It is very strong and rarely cracks. Moreover, it has a greater resistance quotient to small and large scratches compared to other glass types.

Other Table Top Options

Apart from a glass top, the following are some substitutes that you can go for.


A wooden tabletop can be a more than capable replacement. If you had a glass top that was fixed within a frame or groove, you can get a wood panel of identical thickness and cut it into shape to fit the frame.

Conversely, if your table had glass floating on top of it, then you will have more creative freedom. While the same old shape and dimensions might be the obvious route to take, you can also experiment with some other shapes and slightly varying dimensions. As long as you get the panel correctly balanced, there is no reason for you to stick to the previous design if you don’t want to.

Mosaic, Tile, and Stone Tops

If you want something unique and special, take a look at stone replacement options. Granite and marble are worth experimenting with if you want to take your embellishments to the next level. They give out a rich and classy vibe.

However, make sure that your table is strong enough to withstand the weight of such materials. It may need some bracing if it isn’t built solidly enough. Furthermore, if you are the artsy type, then get those creative juices flowing and build a mosaic-style tabletop yourself. Chipped stones, broken tiles, and colorful pieces of shattered glass can be utilized for this purpose.


If your coffee table has strong enough legs or base, then consider installing a padded seat to replace the glass. Upholster plywood is about three to four inches thick so that it fits the table with ease. After that, get some thick and cushy foam wrapped in a durable material like leather, microsuede, or tweed.

Make sure that your chosen fabric color and pattern go well with the décor of the room. This is a good way to make one or two additional seating spaces whenever you have a large number of visitors. Besides, you can still use the table for its original purpose by simply setting a tray on top of the seating area.

Acrylic Plastic

Acrylic plastic is very similar to glass in its texture. It is just as clear as glass but much more durable and lightweight. This means that it won’t sustain damage very easily and even protect the table from considerable wear and tear.

This is one of the easiest tabletop replacements because acrylic plastic is widely available. You can get it without much hassle from your nearest hardware store. Just give them the right dimensions and they will have your piece ready for you in no time.

In the instance you don’t have the accurate dimensions of the broken glass with you, just measure the table groove or frame and you are good to go. It would be better still if you take the table to the store or have someone over to take a look at it. This should help you get the right fit for your acrylic plastic tabletop.

One caveat, however, is that acrylic plastic is more vulnerable to scratches than regular glass. It is a quick and easy fix but the scratches can be a long-term headache. If you still prefer using an acrylic tabletop, have it laminated or covered with a nice-looking tablecloth.

You can search on the internet Glass replacement near me to find glass replacement stores available in your area for a replacement of your damaged glass top. As we have outlined in this piece, there are many different ways of doing that. You will be spoilt for choices whether you plan to replace your damaged glass top with new glass or some other material.

What is your preferred glass tabletop replacement procedure? Do let us know how you do it in the comment section below. Cheers!

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