No matter what business you’re in, you likely have many of the same problems other entrepreneurs face. Time is of the essence, and figuring out the best way to maximize your time each workweek is just as important as coming up with a to-do list and broad goals.

If you can stay on track, however, you’ll ultimately reach those goals much more quickly than if you’re flying by the seat of your pants. Here are five ways to stay on track and get more leads at the same time.

Performance Management

Getting your team on the same page on both a macro and micro level is a vital component when it comes to achieving any goals. One way to do this is to run your company under a specific management philosophy to help your team manage their performance. Profit is one such software solution that enables you to do this, leveraging the concept of objectives and key results. An OKR framework can be helpful for tracking progress and whether or not goals were achieved, as well as setting measurable goals that are clearly defined.

Attract New Customers

If you want more customers, you’ll need to create a lead generation campaign. There are a range of ways to gather leads, from getting people to sign up on your website to attending trade shows. Social media can also be a valuable tool for crafting compelling lead generation campaigns, allowing you to target specific demographics to ultimately get a better ROI on your lead generation campaign. Integrating with social media platforms also makes it much simpler for users to opt into your campaigns.

Make It Personal

Nowadays, if your company doesn’t feel approachable, it’s likely that customers will choose another company over yours. As a result, if you want to get good leads, you’ll need to ensure that your business has a personality that people associate in a positive manner. One way to do this is to build a brand of honesty and customer care via online interactions with customers. Whether you have a team of social media managers in-house or are outsourcing your social media marketing to another business, make sure that they understand the tone you want to strike online. This can help customers who’re on the fence decide to learn more about your company and its services.

Invest in Helpful Tech

Another way to make your company feel more approachable is to invest in technology that helps you meet your customers’ needs. After all, one of the best ways to attract more customers is through positive word of mouth and having good relationships with your existing customers makes it easier to do that. It’s much more costly to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an existing one, so finding the right call center solution can go a long way in fielding customer inquiries. Omnichannel call center software lets you engage with customers via a variety of communication mediums, from live web chat to telephone and even video chat. Whether you’re looking for call center software for insurance companies or tech start-ups, there are plenty of enterprise-level systems to look into if you want to provide a better support experience for your customers.

Hire the Best

When hiring for any position, keep in mind the sort of workplace culture you’re looking to develop. In order to sustain your company’s growth, you’ll need to hire people who keep your high standards of quality no matter how hard things get. If you have team members who truly believe in your mission and want to achieve your goals, you’ll always have the motivation to keep going.


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