5 Most Common Rowing Machine Mistakes


Doing exercise from out of our laziness is such an awesome thing. But, that’s not enough to get a fulfill result of what you aim. To achieve your goal, you need to do workouts in the right way. Many people doing their workouts for a long period without achieving the right result. The main reason for that issue is doing the right thing in the wrong way. Mistakes occurred in exercises is a common thing. As to be a winner you have to identify your mistakes and modified it in the right position. Like that this article discusses the most common mistake which occurs while doing the rowing.


Rowing is the best workout for full body. It replaces many types of equipment with their full work out. This exercise is a high calorie burnt one which compared with other indoor workouts. Doing rowing is the best thing to tone your body at the same time neglecting the mistakes is also an important one. Otherwise, you will not get a beneficial result.

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Common mistakes While Rowing:

  1. Skipping Warm-up:

Doing warm-up is an essential thing for all workouts. It helps your body to be flexible and increase your stamina. At the same time, it helps to reduce the after workout body pains. Commonly, we neglected this step in an indoor workouts. But skipping this step is not a right thing, it causes a serve muscular pain and reduces your level of stamina. So always kept in mind to start your workout early with at least 15 minutes of warm-up too.

  1. Forget Breathing:

Whatever you do, breathing in the right way is also an important thing. It makes your stamina level to be stable. Every exercise is a rhythmic activity which syncing up with your breath. The right way of breathing may result in more efficient thing. Doing rowing with the breathing way of “as you drive back, pushing on your legs and letting out energy exhale through the mouth. During recovery, to next reps, inhale through the nose”. It is the best way of breathing at rowing exercise.

  1. Rowing with your arms only:

This is the most common mistakes which occurred in rowing. Many of us think that rowing is all about arms but it not. Although this workout involves arms, biceps, core, back, leg and upper body too. You have to remember that the power need for this workout comes -60 per cent from legs, 20 per cent from abs and 20 per cent just from arms. That pulling motion from your arms is also followed by pushing motion of your legs. That helps to create that smooth rowing motion.

  1. Don’t be rush:

Going too fast is always not recommended in workouts. Everything has a limit. It is important to take a note of your speed, even you are very common with over speed too. Rushing motion causes the lacking of your ability to get a full range of motion on each move. When you follow real rowers, they won’t rush in their action. They are always in limited speed which differs from their own stability level. So don’t be rush with your workouts, it always negative for your overall results.

  1. Don’t change the order of movement:

In our life, we do anything thing carefully with step by step process that leads us to success. Like that, rowing also has an order of operations and mixing up it may cause severe strain on your body especially in the upper body. Always lined to “using your legs and arms at the same time, squatting back before your legs have completed the panel, and bringing your arms and elbows back too quickly” – this is the common mistake we did.

These are the common mistakes occurred while doing the rowing. Apart from this, there are many individuals mistakes can cause depending on their own. To neglect those mistake you always recommended to do the exercise under the supervision of best trainers. That will helps you to do your workouts perfectly without any mistakes and also the perfect trainer knows our individual capacity as well as our capability. Another option is you can also learn from online where there are many videos available on YouTube as well as other health websites too.


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